Sunil K. Sinha Festschrift
Tuesday, May 2, 2000; 2:30 pm-5:30 pm


Festschrifts are organized to celebrate the 60th birthday of prominent scientists and recognize their lifetime research contributions. We are very happy to announce the Festschrift for Sunil Sinha of the Advanced Photon Source to recognize his seminal work in the fields of magnetism, superconductivity, surfaces, interfaces, fractals, etc. using a variety of neutron and x-ray scattering techniques. His research has always been distinguished by a strong interplay between innovative experimental work and the development of novel theoretical methods. This celebration brings together a varied group of colleagues, collaborators, and former postdocs presenting their most current research, which was certainly influenced by the work of Sunil Sinha. The distinguished list of speakers includes Pulak Dutta, Bruce Harmon, David Moncton, Peter Pershan, David Price, and others.