The following exhibitors will be available for discussions in the lower level of the APS conference center throughout the meeting. Their participation is gratefully acknowledged, and their contributions help fund some of the amenities that will be incorporated into this meeting. We hope all participants will make an effort to visit the exhibit area and express their appreciation to the exhibitors.

AN Corporation
Advanced Design Consulting, Inc.
Advent Associates, Ltd.
American Magnetics, Inc.
Automation Equipment Company, Inc.
Blake Industries, Inc.
Bruker AXS
Brush Wellman, Inc.
Byron Ellis Associates
Canberra Industries
Century Design Co.
E.L. Simeth Co., Inc.
Goodfellow Corporation
Huntington Mechanical Labs
Johnsen Ultravac
Kohzu Precision Co., Ltd.
Kurt J. Lesker Co.
MDC Vacuum Products Corp.
Micro Photonics Inc.
Midwest Vacuum
Roper Scientific
Newport Corporation
Oregon Micro Systems
Oxford Instruments
Struck Innovative Sys. GMBH
TELEVAC (a division of the Fredericks Co.)
Vacuum One
Varian Vacuum Technologies
X-ray Instrumentation Associates

In addition, the following exhibitors have volunteered to sponsor specific events:

Blake Industries, Inc. - Conference Reception at the Adler Planetarium

VAT, Inc. - SkyRider Theater shows at the Adler Planetarium