APSUO Steering Committee Elections

The bylaws of the Advanced Photon Source Users Organization (APSUO) specify that at each Users Meeting six members will be elected to the Steering Committee. Terms are for three-year periods unless extended to enable officers to fulfill their obligations of office. This year, six members will be retiring; Steve Dierker, the retiring Chair, will remain on the Steering Committee as an ex-officio member, and the term of Eric Isaacs has been extended to enable him to complete his term of office as incoming Chair.


Retiring Members:
Celerino Abad-Zapatero, Abbott Laboratories
Randy Alkire, Argonne National Lab
Peter Eng, The University of Chicago
Denis Keane, Northwestern University
George Srajer, Argonne National Lab
Jonathan Tischler, Oak Ridge National Lab



Continuing Members:
Eric Isaacs, Bell Laboratories, Lucent
(incoming Chair)
Mark Antonio, Argonne National Lab
Dean Chapman, Ill. Institute of Technology
Steve Dierker, University of Michigan
(ex officio)
Paul Fenter, Argonne National Lab
Steve Heald, Pacific Northwest National Lab
Wilfried Schildkamp, The University of Chicago
Paul Zschack, University of Illinois

A nominating committee (Paul Fenter, Denis Keane, and Paul Zschack) has slated 10 candidates to fill six positions. Biographies of the slated candidates will be placed in meeting packets, and voting will occur at the APSUO business meeting on Thursday, May 5, 2000. (Only those present will be permitted to vote.) Nominations will also be accepted from the floor; the ballot cards will contain spaces to write in nominated candidates.


The following 10 candidates have been slated:
Jeffrey Bolin, Purdue University
John Budai, Oak Ridge National Lab
Pulak Dutta, Northwestern University
Dean Haeffner, Argonne National Lab
Brian Landes, Dow Chemical
Steven Muchmore, Abbott Laboratories
Cev Noyan, IBM
Amy Rosenzweig, Northwestern University
Brian Stephenson, Argonne National Lab
Linda Young, Argonne National Lab