Tenth Users Meeting for the Advanced Photon Source

May 2-4, 2000
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne, Illinois, U.S.A.

Comprehensive Program
2000 Advanced Photon Source Compton Award
Workshop Descriptions
Sunil K. Sinha Festschrift
General Information
Social Events
APSUO Steering Committee Elections
Call for Poster Abstracts
CAT Events


APS Users Organization Steering Committee


Steve Dierker, Chair
Eric Isaacs, Vice Chair
Celerino Abad-Zapatero
Randy Alkire
Mark Antonio
L. Dean Chapman
Peter Eng
Paul Fenter
Steve Heald
Denis Keane
Wilfried Schildkamp
George Srajer
Susan Strasser, APS Liaison
Jonathan Tischler, ex officio
Paul Zschack


Tenth Users Meeting Committee


Eric Isaccs, Program and Workshops
Susan Strasser, Meeting Coordination
Connie Pittroff, Vendor Exhibits
Linda Carlson, Registration
Diane Sandberg, Posters
Paul Fenter, Denis Keane, Paul Zschack,
APSUO Steering Committee Elections
Darlene Kinney, Workshop Support
Isabella Krashak, Meeting Support
Joan Brunsvold, Conference Services
Marianne Adair, Conference Services
Judy Benigno, Conference Services
Bob Whitman, Building Arrangements
Ed Russell, Building Arrangements
Becky McCauley, Building Arrangements