Fifth International Workshop

on Accelerator Alignment

ANL/FNAL October 13 - 17, 1997

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We are intending to use this section for the Proceedings of the IWAA97 as an on-line repository of the poster and oral presentations. Therefore we would like to collect all IWAA97 contributions in electronic and paper form. As long as not all contributors have access to this web-page we are still going to produce Proceedings. This is just a first attempt to have the IWAA97 contributions on-line. For that to happen we need the consent of the authors that we have your permission to distribute their paper in electronic form. In order not to interfere with copyright laws we asked in the abstract submittal form for your permission to publish your contribution electronically on our public server. Should you have any objections to this type of publication we will only post the title of the paper and the authors name. We are intending to use Adobe Systems ACROBAT software as reader for these documents.