Fifth International Workshop

on Accelerator Alignment

ANL/FNAL October 13 - 17, 1997

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The Fifth International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment (IWAA97) will be held from October 13 to 17, 1997, at Argonne National Laboratory. The IWAA97 will be hosted jointly by Argonne and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. The intent of the workshop is to foster the scientific exchange of new developments in the field of accelerator alignment and to provide a platform for exchanging mutual experiences and developments in the spirit of the first workshop held at SLAC in 1989.

During the opening remarks at the IWAA89 R. Ruland pointed out the new frontier for the alignment of the next generation of accelerators - namely the measurement and alignment of components in the realm of sub-microns necessary for next linear colliders and fourth generation light sources.

Since that time, strides have been made at many laboratories around the world to improve measurement and positioning capabilities. However, with the inception of beam-based alignment methods, the positioning tolerances for these proposed facilities have been relaxed. All of these new developments will be employed for the next generation of accelerators. Therefore, this workshop includes sessions for alignment issues related to next linear colliders, fourth generation light sources and related facilities as well as beam-based alignment methods.

For the first time, a special sub-session of the International Association for Geodesy (IAG) and the Federation Internationale des Geometres (FIG) on Industrial Alignment will be part of this workshop. The IAG / FIG sub-session emphasizes the use of state-of-the-art survey and alignment equipment and methods currently utilized in industry. Developers of new survey and alignment instruments and software, as well as users applying these tools, will share their experiences and provide a look at future enhancements.

Incidentally, during the IWAA97 workshop, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is hosting a Magnet Measurement Workshop ( IMMW ) from October 13 - 16, 1997 organized by Peter Mazur. Fermi National Laboratory can be reached by car from Argonne National Laboratory within 30 minutes. Participants in the IWAA97 who are interested in attending some of these sessions can contact Peter Mazur at (630) 840-3274 or via e-mail at ( A special note for those using this home page:

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