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Invited Talks Developments at Third-Generation Sources Macromolecular Crystallography Materials Science and Physics Applications Instrumentation and Techniques


Invited Talks

INV-01 Status of the APS Gopal K. Shenoy

INV-02 Status of the ESRF Yves P. Petroff

INV-03 Status of SPring-8 Tatzuo Ueki

INV-04 Report from ELETTRA Giorgio Margaritondo

INV-05 Status of MAX II Mikael Eriksson

INV-06 Status of the ALS Neville Smith

INV-07 Brilliance Mikael Eriksson

INV-08 Performance of insertion devices on third-generation synchrotron x-ray sources Efim Gluskin

INV-09 X-ray optics for third-generation synchrotron radiation sources Dennis M. Mills

INV-10 Bragg-Fresnel optics for high resolution x-ray diagnostic techniques at the ESRF Anatoly A. Snigirev

INV-11 Microfocusing: capillaries Per Engström

INV-12 Time-resolved instrumentation Keith Moffat

INV-13 Overview of the uses of synchrotron radiation in protein crystallography Keith Moffat

INV-14 MAD Applications Craig M. Ogata

INV-15 Structures from crystals with large unit cells David I. Stuart

INV-16 Phasing of small proteins by multibeam diffraction using synchrotron radiation Edgar Weckert

INV-17 Noble gas MIR and anomalous dispersion in proteins Marc Schiltz

INV-18 Nanosecond time-resolved crystallography: photolysis of carbonmonoxy myoglobin Thomas Ursby

INV-19 Intensity fluctuation spectroscopy using coherent x-rays G. Brian Stephenson

INV-20 Phase contrast imaging and microtomography with coherent hard x-rays Anatoly A. Snigirev

INV-21 Surface morphology and lattice strain in semiconductor nanostructures Qun Shen

INV-22 Surface analysis using coherent x-ray diffaction Ian K. Robinson

INV-23 Inelastic x-ray scattering with high and very high energy resolution Michael H. Krisch

INV-24 X-ray holography at third-generation storage rings Ian L. McNulty

INV-25 Atomic interpretation of dichroism of the L2,3 spectra of the rare earths Jeroen B. Goedkoop

INV-26 In-situ phase mapping and real-time chemical dynamics using a novel SRXRD Technique Joe Wong

INV-27 Developments and plans of SR-HP experiment in Japan Osamu Shimomura

INV-28 High-pressure applications of glass capillary optics Keith Brister

INV-29 X-ray diffraction at very high pressure Michael Hanfland

INV-30 New insignts in to the compression behavior of polycrystalline materials using energy-dispersive x-ray diffraction Jens W. Otto

INV-31 Local structure determination in polycrystalline materials using high energy synchrotron radiation Henning F. Poulsen

INV-32 CCD Detectors Edwin M. Westbrook

INV-33 Large-format imaging plate and Weissenberg camera Noriyoshi Sakabe

INV-34 Software for data acquisition and processing with area detectors James W. Pflugrath

Developments at Third-Generation Sources

I-01 Coherent x-ray scattering using undulator radiation at the ESRF Douglas L. Abernathy

I-02 New concepts of compact high sensitivity, high resolution diagnostic tools for spectroscopic, angular and polarization measurements in the EUV, SXR, and x-ray range using synchrotron radiation Victor L. Kantsyrev

I-04 Experimental characterization of APS undulator A radiation at high photon energies (50-200 keV) Sarvjit D. Shastri

I-05 From microcrystals to nanocrystals Reinhard B. Neder

Macromolecular Crystallography

II-01 Time-resolved macromolecular crystallography using the single pulse Laue technique Dominique Bourgeois

II-02 A multiple wavelength contrast variation method for envelope determination in macromolecular x-ray crystallography William E. Shepard

II-03 From contrast variation to phasing Bragg reflections using anomalous dispersion of phosphorus and sulfur: crystallographic studies of small ribosomal subunit 30S from Thermus thermophilus and bovine ß-trypsin Sigrid Stuhrmann

II-04 First soft x-ray cryocrystallography on riboflavin-binding protein (RfBP) Christine Trame

Materials Science and Physics Applications

III-01 X-ray reflectivity study of semiconductor interfaces M. K. Sanyal

III-02 Anomalous dispersion applied to a tin-mordenite powder sample at the ESRF Anette Frost Jensen

III-03 Synchrotron electron density - property relationship for metal oxides Victor A. Streltsov

III-04 Extremely asymmetric x-ray diffraction from multilayers and superlattices: a recursive matrix theory and its experimental check Sergey A. Stepanov

III-05 X-ray mask fabrication for synchrotron radiation lithography at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Joshua J. Song

III-06 Dynamical x-ray multiple-diffraction effects applied to characterization of real crystals and heterostructures Aleksander Y. Kreines

III-07 High-resolution measurements in grazing-incidence x-ray diffraction Elena A. Kondrashkina

III-08 Evaluation of diffuse x-ray scattering from misfit dislocations in heteroepitaxial layers Rolf Koehler

III-09 Micromachining planar millimeter-wave cavity structures by using deep x-ray lithography Yoon W. Kang

III-10 Specular and off-specular reflectivity from multiple quantum wells and quantum dot semiconductor devices Stephen Holt

III-11 Speciation of uranium and thorium in surface-modified, hydrothermally treated, (U02)2+ - exchanged smectite clays Daniel M. Giaquinta

III-12 Applications of a new spectroscopic technique for the study of interactions synchrotron radiation with multicharged ions and gaseous targets in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV), soft x-ray (SXR) and x-ray regions Reinhard F. Bruch

III-13 Synchrotron study of diamond structure Jan C. Boeyens

III-14 Magnetism of the 4d transition metal in Pd/Fe multilayers by XMCD Alain Fontaine

III-15 Structures of arsenic-deposited silicon surfaces probed with grazing-angle x-ray standing waves at a vertical wiggler synchrotron source Osami Sakata

III-16 X-ray reflectivity at the L edges of Gd Naoki Ishimatsu

III-17 Study of the relation between structure and stress in elastomers D. C. Creagh

Instrumentation and Techniques

IV-01 CHESS and MacCHESS software developments Doletha M. Szebenyi

IV-02 Characteristics of a multilayer mirror polarimeter for measurements at extreme ultraviolet wavelengths Matthew P. Bailey

IV-03 Solution spectroelectrochemical cell for in situ x-ray absorption fine structure Mark R. Antonio

IV-04 Stress friction transmission and its use in the precise instruments N. G. Gavrilov

IV-05 The materials science beamline at the ESRF Äke V. Kvick

IV-06 Moving synchrotron radiation source spectroscopy: a new method for quick XANES Boris P. Tolochko

IV-07 Hard x-ray phase-contrast imaging Stephen W. Wilkins

IV-08 Combined DAFS/Crystallographic analysis for extracting the Fe local structure in a Fe/Ir(100) superlattice Hubert Renevier

IV-09 Time-resolved diffraction experiments in the nanosecond range Boris P. Tolochko

IV-10 D2am, a multipurpose CRG beamline at ESRF available for DAFS studies Jean-Francois Berar

IV-11 Microdiffraction studies of the crystallinity of bone tissues Anders Rindby

IV-12 Biocrystallography at the high brilliance beamline (ID2) of the ESRF Edward P. Mitchell

IV-13 Focusing bent crystal monochromators for high energy synchrotron radiation Ulrich Lienert

IV-14 Protein crystallography at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Source-LNLS Glaucius Oliva