International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems


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Icalepcs '95

ICALEPCS'95 Chicago, Illinois USA October 30 - November 3, 1995

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I. Introduction

The biennial ICALEPCS conference, the most recent of which took place in Berlin, Germany in 1993, will be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA October 29 through November 3, 1995.

The conference covers the whole field of control systems and operations of accelerators, telescopes, and physics experiments. Both hardware and software of control systems are considered, together with aspects of operations which use them. Specific areas of concentration, when comparing with previous conferences in this series, are hardware, operations, and non-accelerator control systems.

There will be oral and poster presentations, an industrial exhibit, and tours of Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. The Proceedings of the conference will be published as a Fermilab Report; the primary means of its distribution will be CD ROM, with paper copies available if requested. All papers submitted will be reviewed for content and readability. Extensive computing facilities, with both local- and wide-area networking, will be available to all attendees. It will be possible to demonstrate any control system which admits remote operation.

A lively social program has been arranged, including a pre-conference reception and an elegant banquet in the Art Institute of Chicago. A companions' program has been planned, and attendees are invited to join this program for certain cultural activities.

The conference will be held in the Swissôtel, Chicago. This striking and modern facility is located close to both Lake Michigan and the central Chicago business and shopping district. A special convention rate of $104 per room per night has been arranged for ICALEPCS attendees and companions; this rate per room pertains for either single or double occupancy. Most conference activities in the hotel will take place on a single floor and in close proximity to each other; the potential for productive interaction among all participants has been maximized.

The conference fee has been set at $465 (US) including the opening reception and the banquet. The fee for students is $50 (banquet not included). Separate banquet tickets are available for $45 each.


International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC)

V. Alferov    IHEP Protvino,     T. Luong       GANIL, France
Russia W. McDowell ANL, USA
D. Barton BNL, USA T. Mooney ANL, USA
T. Blumer PSI, Switzerland M. Mouat TRIUMF, Canada
W. Busse HMI, Germany J. Navratil CTU, Czech
P. Clout Vista, USA Republic
J. Collins IUCF, USA F. Perriollat CERN, Switzerland
A. Daneels CERN, Switzerland R. Pose JINR, Russia
S. Dasgupta VECC, India F. Potepan Sincrotrone
D. Dohan PSI, Switzerland Trieste, Italy
A. Drugakov INR, Russia G. Raffi ESO, Germany
J. Gournay CEA-CEN, France R. Rausch CERN, Switzerland
D. Gurd LANL, USA K. Rehlich DESY, Germany
T. Huang HIRFL, China S. Schaller LANL, USA
J. Humphrey SLAC, USA M. Shea FNAL, USA
G. Jan SRRC, Taiwan J. Smith BNL, USA
N. Kanaya KEK, Japan M. Thuot LANL, USA
T. Katoh KEK, Japan W. von Rueden CERN, Switzerland
W.-D. Klotz ESRF, France / GSI, Germany
B. Kuiper CERN, Switzerland W. Watson CEBAF, USA
S. Lewis LBL, USA J. Zhao IHEP Beijing,
P. Lucas FNAL, USA China

Local Arrangements Committee

F. Bartlett, FNAL                P. Lucas, FNAL
J. Hawkins, ANL W. McDowell, ANL
B. Hendricks, FNAL T. Mooney, ANL
M. Knott (Chair), ANL P. Schoessow, ANL
M. Kraimer, ANL J. Smolucha, FNAL
L. Lopez, FNAL A. Waller, FNAL


II. Schedule and Sessions

The attached agenda indicates the program of the conference as presently constituted; the details are subject to change. The oral presentations are noted under Type as being Invited (I) or Contributed (C), the invited ones in general being longer in duration. Corresponding sessions with A and B in their numbers will be held in parallel. A complete timetable for ICALEPCS95 and related events is here.

III. Computing and Networks

Computing is of course at the heart of all modern control systems. Thus every reasonable effort has been made to have computing facilities available at the conference at an appropriately sophisticated level. In particular there will be numbers of Macintosh and 'IBM' personal computers, Unix and VMS workstations, X-terminals, and laser printers. An Ethernet LAN will connect all such devices, and a T1 link to Fermilab will provide reasonable bandwidth wide area networking as well. These computers will be available at podia for all speakers, in the poster viewing area to allow a limited number of 'posters' to actually be demonstrations of software, and in the exhibit area for use by any industrial exhibitor. To arrange for timely installation and to avoid conflicts, such uses should be made known to the organizers in advance. Standard software packages for word processing, drawing, graphics, Web browsing, and terminal emulation will be installed.

IV. Industrial Exhibit

The conference Industrial Exhibit is scheduled for Wednesday November 1 - Friday November 3. As the schedule of sessions points out, two conference sessions are allotted solely for visiting this exhibit plus the posters. But the opportunities to visit the exhibit are greater even than those offered by these special sessions. The coffee breaks will take place immediately adjacent to the exhibit area, with sufficient time allotted for meaningful browsing and discussions with exhibitors. The attached list indicates the firms thus far committed to being present.

V. Tours of ANL and FNAL

Tuesday October 31 will be devoted entirely to tours of Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Half of the attendees (and companions if they desire) will go to Argonne first and the others to Fermilab first, with places being traded immediately after lunch at the labs.


The two facilities to be visited at the Argonne National Laboratory are the Advanced Photon Source (APS) and the CAVE (a virtual reality visualization facility). The APS is a synchrotron radiation x-ray source that provides super-intense x-rays for basic and applied research in materials science, biology and medicine, chemistry, physics, geology, and environmental science. The tour will include the main control room and a view of the experimental floor, now being populated with experimental facilities.

The Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) is one of four such sophisticated virtual reality facilities in the world. The CAVE lets scientists "see","touch", and "hear" data from their research. Based on the technology that has popularized virtual reality games in the entertainment industry, the CAVE interactively simulates scientific experiments and industrial situations in three dimensions. Three sets of projectors and mirrors overlap two pictures on each of three screens. Stereographic glasses translate the pictures into a hologram-like image which can be seen by a small group of people.


The Fermilab tour includes the accelerator main control room and the control areas of the CDF (Collider Detector at Fermilab) and D-Zero experiments. These two experiments recently announced the discovery of the top quark; the accelerator was of course integral in making that discovery possible. The tour also includes a visit to the Fermilab Proton Linac, and the Neutron Therapy Facility. This facility, until recently, treated a large number of cancer patients with some considerable amount of success. There will also be a stop at a large non-operational physics experiment. (The choice of a non-operational experiment is to allow access to the experimental hall so that the scope of high energy physics experimentation can be observed.)

VI. Associated Scientific Meetings

The attached document describes three events which might be of interest to attendees are to be held in Chicago or the nearby area in the week after the conference. The meetings so far planned are:

IADBG Workshop on Databases for Accelerators

Workshop on Software Sharing

EPICS Collaboration Meeting

VII. Financial Assistance

It has been a tradition at ICALEPCS to provide support for as many attendees as possible from developing nations. That tradition will be continued at this conference to the extent that funds allow. Application has been made for travel support from the International Science (Soros) Foundation for six persons from the former Soviet Union. The number of additional persons we can support will depend on the number of paid registrations received and on the ability of those needing aid to generate some level of help (such as airfare) from other sources. As it becomes clear how many paid conference registrations there will be, we shall begin to notify those who have requested aid as to our ability to provide it.

VIII. On Reaching the Conference Site

Chicago is served by two major airports: O'Hare International (ORD) and Midway (MDW). Those arriving from abroad will almost certainly disembark at O'Hare's International Terminal; domestic travelers can arrive at either airport; although O'Hare is more popular, flights to Midway are often less expensive. Each is about the same distance from the Swissôtel Chicago, 323 E. Wacker Drive. A rental car is not recommended as several modes of public transportation are available, and parking entails a considerable expense (Swissôtel Parking fee is $19.00/day plus tax.). The Registration Form asks for those arriving at O'Hare as to the scheduled time. We shall coordinate transportation to the hotel for the most popular periods; a subsequent (electronic) mailing to all registrants will present the details. The attached document will provide information that should make it easy to find the Swissôtel on your own.

IX. Companion Program and Special Events

Planned Activities

Two social events have been arranged by the conference organizers, and a number more by the Companion Hostess Committee. The Companion Program includes two evening events which conference attendees are also invited to attend. A brief listing of all social and cultural opportunities is given here. For a more detailed description, see on the World Wide Web: 

A list of the planned events is:

 The concert of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the performance of"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" are sold out events. We have purchased a limited number of tickets and shall make them available on a first-come first-served basis to attendees and companions. The deadline for registration for these and the "Companions Only" events is October 10. For Americans and others with access to U.S. currency, payment is due at the time of registration. For visitors who have difficulty obtaining dollars, registration is still due on October 10, with payment expected on arrival. Credit cards are not accepted by the conference (although of course they are by the hotel), but major foreign currencies may be converted to $US at O'Hare airport or the Swissôtel.

X. Conference and Hotel Registration Forms


XI. Instructions for Poster Presentations and for Authors

Poster Presentations

Poster presentations may consist of the "classical" (i.e. paper) version, or, for a limited number, of an electronic (i.e. X-terminal or personal computer) version, or of a combination of both. For those with paper posters, you will be allotted two side-by-side panels, each 74 cm wide by 99 cm high. Velcro patches will be made available for mounting of the posters. For those who plan an electronic presentation, please notify the organizers so that the equipment can be made available.

Instructions for Authors

It is expected that all speakers and poster presenters will arrive at the conference with a paper prepared for the Proceedings. As the primary means of publication will be CD ROM, an electronic submission is desired. The attached document describes the standards which have been established and which, if adhered to, will allow the Proceedings to be published in a timely manner. Additionally, all papers, once reviewed and accepted, will promptly be made available on the Web.