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Invited Talks Session A Session B Session C Session D
Invited Talks I-01 Operational experience at the Advanced Light Source Alan Jackson I-02 The applications of a short-wavelength FEL John Arthur I-03 Innovations in the operation of storage rings Robert O. Hettel I-04 Elliptical multipole wiggler for the production of variably polarized radiation E. Gluskin I-05 Performance of the NSLS X-ray ring with an operating EMW Samuel Krinsky and Om V. Singh I-06 Experience with small-gap undulators Peter Stefan II-01 Medical imaging Dean Chapman II-02 Recent developments in Mössbauer techniques using synchrotron radiation Peter Siddons II-03 Phonon spectroscopy using nuclear resonant scattering at synchrotron radiation sources W. Sturhahn, E. E. Alp, T. S. Toellner, R. Röhlsberger, and K. W. Quast II-04 Medium energy resolution inelastic x-ray scattering at the National Synchrotron Light Source Chi-Chang Kao II-05 Studies of fluorescence dynamics in biological systems using the pulsed structure of the SRC Ruben Reininger, R. W. C. Hansen, Enrico Gratton, William W. Mantulin, Gregorio Weber, and Catherine A. Royer II-06 Beamline control and data acquisition software T. Mooney, N. Arnold, B. Cha, K. Goetze, J. Kowalkowski, M. Kraimer, D. Reid, J. Sullivan, D. Wallis, and J. Winans II-07 Polarization studies at soft x-ray wavelengths Jeffrey B. Kortright II-08 Deep x-ray lithography for micromechanics and precision engineering applications Henry Guckel III-01 Pixel array detectors Brian Rodricks, Sandor L. Barna, Sol M. Gruner, John A. Shepherd, Mark W. Tate, and Robert L. Wixted III-02 High-resolution multielement solid-state detectors Alberto Pullia IV-01 Interferometry using undulator sources R. Beguiristain, K. A. Goldberg, E. Tejnil, J. Bokor, H. Medecki, D. T. Attwood, and K. Jackson IV-02 Cryogenically cooled optics for high-heat-load applications Dennis M. Mills IV-03 Preparation of microfocusing optics using synchrotron radiation sources Franco Cerrina IV-04 Optics for high energy x-ray scattering applications Thomas Tschentscher
Session A A01 Macromolecular crystallographic results obtained using a 2K x 2K CCD detector at CHESS Daniel J. Thiel, R. L. Walter, S. E. Ealick, S. M. Gruner, E. F. Eikenberry, and Robert Wood A02 Siemens SMART CCD Detector applied to protein crystallography with synchrotron and rotating anode sources James C. Phillips, J. Fait, M. Schuster, J. Chambers, and R. Sparks A03 TEXRAYTM CCD detectors Joseph D. Ferrara, K. Crane, R. D. Gardner, N. D. Jones, J. W. Pflugrath, J. M. Troup, and B. R. Vincent A04 Position sensitive x-ray detector OD-3 Vladimir M. Aulchenko, M. S. Dubrovin, V. M. Titov, Ju. S. Velikzhanin, B. P. Tolochko, Yu. A. Gaponov, and A. I. Ancharov A05 Progress in multi-element silicon detectors for synchrotron XRF applications Carolyn S. Rossington, Bernhard Ludewigt, Issy Kipnis, Sharonda Ivy, and Bradley Krieger A06 A multi-channel monolithic Ge detector system for fluorescence x-ray absorption spectroscopy Jerry J. Bucher, P. G. Allen, N. M. Edelstein, D. K. Shuh, N. W. Madden, C. Cork, P. Luke, D. Pehl, and D. Malone A07 Modular data acquisition system and its use in gas-filled detector readout at ESRF F. Sever, F. Epaud, F. Poncet, M. Grave and V. Rey-Bakaikoa A08 Low-noise ionization chambers for synchrotron applications Klaus W. Quast and Wolfgang Sturhahn A09 X-ray polarization detector Ping-Shine Shaw, Steve Southworth, Uwe Arp, and Albert Henins A10 Polarization characteristics of silicon photodiodes and its dependence on oxide thickness in the far UV region Terubumi Saito, Lanny Hughey, James E. Proctor, and Thomas R. O'Brian A11 Critical assessment of the Au/Ga/AsP and Au/GaP photodiodes as radiometry standards R. E. Vest and L. R. Canfield A12 Characterization of x-ray spatial coherence and its propagation Binhua Lin, M. L. Schlossman, M. Meron, S. M. Williams, and P. J. Viccaro A13 Polarization measurement and vertical aperture optimization for obtaining circularly polarized bend-magnet radiation Jeffrey B. Kortright, M. Rice, Z. Hussain, H. A. Padmore, A. Adamson, W. R. A. Huff, E. J. Moler, S. A. Keller, R. X. Ynzunza, F. J. Palomares, H. Daimon, E. D. Tober, and C. S. Fadley A14 X-ray resonant magnetic scattering ellipsometer Z. Xu, K. J. Randall, E. Gluskin, C.-C. Kao, E. D. Johnson, and C. T. Chen A15 Soft x-ray interferometry James E. Trebes, T. W. Barbee Jr., R. Cauble, P. Celliers, L. Da Silva, C. Decker, R. London, J. C. Moreno, D. Ress, A. S. Wan, and F. Weber A16 Experimental station for inelastic scattering spectroscopy of electronic excitations V. I. Kushnir and A. Macrander A17 A new spectrometer for studying liquid surfaces and interfaces Mark L. Schlossman, D. J. Synal, G. Shea-McCarthy, Z. Huang, Y. Guan, M. Meron, P. J. Viccaro, and S. A. Rice A18 Multi-crystal modular x-ray spectrometer for diffraction studies using SR Alexander Kreines, M. V. Kovalchuk, Yu. N. Shilin, V. A. Shishkov, and A. Yu. Kazimirov A19 ASAXS of layered silicate clays containing Ni(II) and Er(III) P. Thiyagarajan, K. A. Carrado, S. R. Wasserman, K. Song, and R. E. Winans A20 X-ray standing wave spectroscopy of metalloproteins Eileen Y. Yu, James E. Penner-Hahn, Ingrid J. Pickering, and Charles F. Yocum A22 A diamond-window XAFS cell for studies of high-temperature, high-pressure aqueous solutions John L. Fulton, Yanjun Ma, Clement R. Yonker, and Dave M. Pfund A23 Versatile high-pressure x-ray scattering system Chitra T. Venkataraman and Ralph Simmons A24 Toward the development of high resolution synchrotron x-ray diffraction tomography of polycrystalline materials Stuart R. Stock, D. P. Piotrowski, A. Guvenilir, C. R. Patterson, J. D. Haase, and Zofia U. Rek A25 Center for X-ray Lithography: recent activities Franco Cerrina A26 Installation and initial operation of the Suss Advanced Lithography Model 4 X-ray Stepper Gregory M. Wells, J. P. Wallace, E. L. Brodsky,Q. J. Leonard, M. T. Reilly, P. D. Anderson, W. K. Lee, F. Cerrina, and Klaus Simon A27 Precision manufacturing using LIGA Keith H. Jackson, Chantal Khan Malek, William D. Bonivert, J. M. Hruby, J. T. Hachman, Reid A. Brennen, Dean Wiberg, and Michael H. Hecht A28 A new scanning photoemission microscope for ELETTRA: SuperMAXIMUM John T. Welnak, H. Solak, J. Wallace, F. Cerrina, F. Barbo, M. Bertolo, A. Bianco, S. Di Fonzo, S. Fontana, W. Jark, F. Mazzolini, R. Rosei, A. Savoia, J.H. Underwood, and G. Margaritondo A29 The MAXIMUM scanning x-ray microsope at ALS Waiman Ng, S. Singh, H. Solak, and F. Cerrina A30 Photoemission spectromicroscopy with synchrotron radiation Jorge Almeida Garcia, Carlo Coluzza, Tiziana dell'Orto, F. Barbo, Michele Bertolo, Anna Bianco, Stefano Cerasari, Stefano Fontana, and Giorgio Margaritondo A31 Second generation undulator beamlines for high-resolution soft x-ray spectromicroscopy at the NSLS Barry Winn, Harald Ade, Christopher Buckley, Malcolm Howells, Steve Hulbert, Chris Jacobsen, Janos Kirz, Jianwei Miao, Ian McNulty, and Tom Oversluizen A32 Application of high energy resolution x-ray spectrometer to x-ray microprobe Sasa Bajt, W. A. Caliebe, and C. C. Kao A33 Trace element analysis using the fluorescence microprobe at the Advanced Light Source Al Thompson and K. C. Chapman A34 Focusing x-rays to a one micron spot using elastically bent, graded multilayer mirrors James Underwood, A. C. Thompson, J. B. Kortright, K. C. Chapman, and S. C. Irick A35 Phase-contrast computed microtomography with 50 keV synchrotron x-rays Carsten Raven, A. Snigirev, I. Snigireva, P. Spanne, and A. Suvorov A36 EUV and soft x-ray transmission microscope R. N. Watts, T. B. Lucatorto, S. T. Liang, F. Polack, and M. R. Scheinfein A37 Monochromatic beam mammography studies using synchrotron radiation Nicholas F. Gmür, W. Thomlinson, R. E. Johnson, D. Washburn, E. Pisano, F. Arfelli, L. D. Chapman, R. Menk, and Z. Zhong, D. Sayers A38 Mammography imaging studies using a Laue crystal analyzer as a scatter rejection optic Dean Chapman, W. Thomlinson, F. Arfelli, N. Gmür, R. Menk, Z. Zhong, R. E. Johnson, D. Washburn, E. Pisano, and D. Sayers A39 A 2D smart pixel detector for time resolved crystallography Eric Beuville, C. Cork, T. Earnest, J. Millaud, D. Nygren, H. Padmore, B. Turko, and G. Zizka, P. Datte and N. H. Xuong A40 The first tests of the 10 MHz position sensitive detector OD-3 V. M. Aulchenko, Yu. S. Velikzhanin, V. M. Titov, S. A. Ponomarev, Yu. V. Usov, M. S. Dubrovin, B. P. Tolochko, Yu. A. Gaponov, and O. V. Evdokov A41 Spin polarized extended x-ray absorption fine structure of Fe Kenneth M. Kemner, W. T. Elam, and Y. U. Idzerda A42 A simple x-ray pressure cell for the preparation of Xe derivatives S. Michael Soltis, Michael H. B. Stowell, Doug C. Rees, Dulio Cascio, and Frank G. Whitby A44 Precise lattice location of trace elements within minerals and at their surfaces with x-ray standing waves Y. Qian, N. C. Sturchio, R. P. Chiarello, P. F. Lyman, T. Lee, L. E. Berman, and M. J. Bedzyk A45 X-ray standing wave study of strain in a buried heterostructure T.-L. Lee, Y. Qian, P. F. Lyman, and M. J. Bedzyk A46 Coherent grating x-ray diffraction and its applications in semiconductor research Qun Shen A47 Ultra-high resolution protein crystallography: concanavalin A to 0.98 Ångstrom and beyond A. Deacon, T. Gleichmann, S. J. Harrop, J. R. Helliwell, A. J. Kalb (Gilboa), and J. Yariv A48 An updated atomic x-ray scattering factor databaseand calculations accessed via the World Wide Web E. M. Gullikson
Session B B01 Performance of x-ray optics at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility Andreas K. Freund B02 Brilliance and flux reductions in imperfect inclined crystals W.-K. Lee, R. C. Blasdell, P. B. Fernandez, A. T. Macrander, and D. M. Mills B03 Advantages of using a mirror as the first optical component for APS undulator beamlines W. Yun, A. Khounsary, B. Lai, K. Randall, E. Gluskin, I. McNulty, and D. Shu B04 Properties of CVD silicon carbide mirror substrates David Lunt, Andy Lunt, and Lee E. Burns B05 The thermal conductance at the interfaces of diamond, silicon, or germanium crystals and a copper heat sink with a gallium-indium eutectic as the heat transfer medium L. Assoufid, T. J. Graber, R. Blasdell, and C. S. Rogers B06 A cryogenically cooled monochromator for wiggler beams L. Assoufid and C. S. Rogers B07 Cooling solutions for high heat load optics D. Morris, G. H. Harding, M. P. Cox, and D. Lunt B08 A high-precision self-adapted optical structure Z. B. Wang, Wenbing Yun, and Tuncer M. Kuzay B09 On side cooling of high-heat-load x-ray mirrors A. Khounsary and W. Yun B10 Characterization of thermal distortion effects on beam line optics for EUV interferometry and soft x-ray microscopy R. Beguiristain, J. Underwood, M. Koike, K. Jackson, P. Batson, H. Medecki, S. Rekewa, and D. Attwood B11 Design and analysis of the internally cooled silicon mirrors and benders for wiggler sources at the Advanced Photon Source W. Schildkamp, Y. Jaski, T. Tonnessen, and G. Douglas B12 Design and analysis of a high heat load pin-post monochromator crystal with integral water manifold W. Schildkamp and T. Tonnessen B13 Design of a rib stiffened, cryogenically cooled sagittal bender mechanism for use at CARS sector 13 beamline W. Schildkamp, M. Meron, and G. Navrotski B14 Optimization of monochromator crystal bending using computer simulations Anatoly Frenkel, B. Barg, E. A. Stern, F. Brown, K. H. Kim, and S. Heald B15 TaSi2-Si composites as wide-bandpass optical elements for synchrotron radiation Stuart R. Stock, Hans-Bernd Neumann, Joerg Suessenback, Jochen R. Schneider, and Zofia U. Rek B16 Optical constants of lithium triborate crystals in the 55-71 eV region Tian-Jie Chen, R. N. Zitter, R. Tao, W. R. Hunter, and J. C. Rife B17 Multilayer roughness and image formation in the Schwarzschild Objective Sangeet Singh, Harun Solak, and Franco Cerrina B18 Use of tapered glass capillaries for producing microbeams Kyungha Hyde Kim, Dale L. Brewe, Frederick C. Brown, Edward A. Stern, and Steve M. Heald B19 High precision, high heat-load mirror for the APS diagnostics beamline E. Rotela, B. Yang, I. C. Sheng, S. Sharma, and A. Lumpkin B20 XOP: a graphical user interface for spectral calculations and x-ray optical utilities Roger J. Dejus and Manuel Sanchez del Rio B21 Design of a high precision mirror rotation system at the Advanced Photon Source J. Barraza, D. Shu, W. Yun, and T. M. Kuzay B22 A cryogenic monochromator for third generation synchrotrons D. Morris and G. Harding B23 Diamond double-crystal transmission monochromators Gerhard Grübel, D. Abernathy, G. Vignaud, and A. Freund B25 Liquid-metal-cooled, curved-crystal monochromator for APS bending magnet beamline 1-BM S. Brauer, B. Rodricks, M. Beno, and G. Knapp B26 Further tests on liquid-nitrogen-cooled, thin silicon-crystal monochromators on a focused wiggler synchrotron beam C. S. Rogers, D. M. Mills, P. B. Fernandez, G. S. Knapp, M. Wulff, M. Hanfland, A. Freund, M. Rossat, J. Holmberg, and H. Yamaoka B27 Performance of cryogenically cooled silicon-crystal monochromators under high power loads C. S. Rogers, D. M. Mills, L. Assoufid, and T. Graber B28 Performance analysis of a novel monochromator design for the APS SRI-CAT beamline 2-ID-E Z. B. Wang, W. Yun, and T. M. Kuzay B29 Replica grating radiation damage in a normal incidence monochromator Roger W. C. Hansen B30 New double crystal monochromator for the 0.8 to 4.0 keV range Fred Middleton, Grant Emmel, and William Mason B31 New compact double crystal monochromator Fred Middleton, Grant Emmel, and Farshid Feyzi B32 Mechanical design of a plane grating monochromator for the new undulator at Aladdin Mike V. Fisher, Tim Kubala, Mary Severson, and Ruben Reininger B33 Design and testing of a new simple continuous bent sagittal-focusing monochromator Stefan Kycia, Kazuhiko Inoue, and Qun Shen B34 Improved monochromator design for high heat load beamlines at CHESS K. W. Smolenski, R. Pahl, P. Doing, C. Conolly, B. Clark, J. Chen, and Q. Shen B35 FEA analysis of diamond as IMCA's monochromator crystal John Chrzas, Sorinel Cimpoes, and Ivan Neschev Ivanov B36 Asymmetric channel cut monochromator with quasi-fixed offset W. Schildkamp and M. Meron B37 Double crystal monochromator as the first optical element in BESSRC-CAT beamlines Mark A. Beno and Mohan Ramanathan B38 New high heat load monochromator Gordon S. Knapp, Guy Jennings, and Mark A. Beno B39 IMCA-CAT BM first monochromator crystal optimization Ivan Neschev Ivanov, Sorinel Cimpoes, and John Chrzas B41 Phase space analysis of a 4-bounce high resolution monochromator Mihai Popovici B42 Wide-bandpass "multilayer" monochromator for small angle scattering/diffraction studies on biological systems Hiro Tsuruta, Tom Irving, Lingling Chen, Dan Segel, W. Hal Tompkins, and Keith O. Hodgson B43 Direct silicon-on-silicon bonding for construction of analyzers for inelastic scattering A. Macrander, M. Saginuri, S. Yao, P. Hesketh, and C. Bresloff B44 Bent crystal analyzer without grooves for inelastic scattering Vladimir I. Kushnir and Mihai Popovici B45 Optimization of multilayer reflectivity and bandpass for soft to hard x-ray applications [0.1-200 keV] Eric Ziegler and K. Vestli B46 Design and performance of a compact, versatile crystal bender for sagittal focusing of x-ray beams David L. Adler B47 Multilayer Optics for Harmonic Control of Angiography Beam Line Sources R. Tatchyn and T. Cremer, D. Boyers, Q. Li, and M. Piestrup
Session C C01 Status of IDs at the ESRF Pierre Van Vaerenbergh, J. Chavanne, and P. Elleaume C02 Performance of APS insertion devices at high photon energies (50-300 keV) S. D. Shastri, Roger J. Dejus, D. R. Haeffner, and J. C. Lang C03 Design of an APS electromagnetic undulator for generating variably polarized soft x-ray radiation P. Ivanov, E. Gluskin, L. Moog, S. Sasaki, E. Trakhtenberg, I. Vasserman, and R. Apparao C04 Design of the elliptical multipole wiggler for the Advanced Photon Source E. Gluskin, P. M. Ivanov, J. Maines, E. A. Medvedko, E. Trakhtenberg, L. R. Turner, R. Dejus, I. Vasserman, Yu. A. Evtushenko, G. N. Kulipanov, V. Kuzminykh, A. S. Medvedko, S. P. Petrov, V. M. Popik, and N. A. Vinokurov C05 On the design and performance of a 2T permanent magnet wiggler for the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory Z. J. J. Stekly, C. Gardner and P. Domigan C06 Insertion devices for synchrotron radiation and free-electron laser applications Kem Edward Robinson, Stephen C. Gottschalk, and David C. Quimby C07 Central field design methods for hybrid insertion devices Stephen Gottschalk, David C. Quimby, Elizabeth Moog, and Renuka Apparao C08 Multipole and phase tuning methods for insertion devices Stephen C. Gottschalk, Kem E. Robinson, Isaac Vasserman, David C. Quimby, and Kenneth W. Kangas C09 End field design and tuning methods for insertion devices Stephen C. Gottschalk, Kem E. Robinson, Isaac Vasserman, Roger Dejus, and Elizabeth Moog C10 A brazed stainless-steel wiggler vacuum chamber Andrew Sabersky, Michael Baltay, John Cerino, and Kane Zuo C11 Design of the vacuum system for the elliptical multipole wiggler at the Advanced Photon Source P. Den Hartog, J. Grimmer, T. Klippert, E. Trakhtenberg, and S. Xu C12 Toward fabrication of mm-wave undulator cavities Joshua J. Song, H. Henke, A. D. Feinerman, G. M. Wells, V. White, Y. W. Kang, R. L. Kustom, Barry Lai, F. E. Mills, and A. Nassiri C13 Microfabrication of planar mm-wave cavity structures Yoon W. Kang, H. Henke, A.D. Feinerman, G.M. Wells, V. White, R.L. Kustom, F.E. Mills, A. Nassiri, and J.J. Song C14 Performance of the beam position monitor for the Advanced Photon Source Youngjoo Chung and E. Kahana C15 Bragg-Fresnel multilayer electron beam monitors for third generation storage rings Karsten Holldack, A. Erko, and W. B. Peatman C16 On the discrimination of dipole background from 4 blade photon BPMs for insertion devices Karsten Holldack, W. B. Peatman, M. Scheer, R. Klein, M. Neuber C17 System for monitoring position of the photon beam in the new undulator at SEC Dmitri A. Mossessian, G. C. Rogers, Mark Bissen, M. C. Severson, and R. Reininger C18 Beam position monitor for the SPring-8 synchrotron Tsuyoshi Aoki, Hiroto Yonehara, Hiromitsu Suzuki, Norio Tani, Hiroshi Abe, Kenji Fukami, Soichiro Hayashi, Yasuo Ueyama, Takayoshi Kaneta, Kenji Okanishi, Shigeki Ohzuchi, Hideaki Yokomizo, Takeji Miyaoka, Kiyokazu Sato, Eiji Toyoda, and Hiromasa Ito C19 A smart photon beam position monitor system for the Advanced Photon Source project D. Shu and Tuncer M. Kuzay C20 Initial time-resolved particle beam profile measurements at APS Bingxin Yang and Alex H. Lumpkin C21 Design and performance of the ALS diagnostic beamline Tim Renner, Rod Keller, and Howard Padmore C22 Beam size measurement of the stored electron beam at the APS storage ring using pinhole optics Z. Cai, W. Yun, B. Lai, E. Gluskin, and D. Legnini C23 Lateral-effect photodiodes as high spatial resolution x-ray beam position monitors Ernest Fontes C24 Signal processing, data acquisition, and initial commissioning results of the APS storage ring vertical beam missteering wire monitor Xucheng Wang, G. Decker, A. Lumpkin, F. Lenkszus, D. Shu, and J. Chang C25 Measurement of the absolute energy and energy spread of the ESRF electron beam using undulator radiation Eric Tarazona and P. Elleaume C26 3-D x-ray mirror metrology with a vertical scanning long trace profiler Peter Z. Takacs C27 In-situ long trace profiler for measurement of mirror profiles at third-generation synchrotron facilities Shinan Qian, Werner Jark, Peter Z. Takacs, Kevin J. Randall, Zhongde Xu, and Wenbing Yun C28 The APS optics topography station Szczesny (Felix) Krasnicki C29 The APS Metrology Laboratory Cyndy Bresloff and Dennis M. Mills C30 XSCAN x-ray data acquisition and analysis software for the MATRIX X-18A x-ray scattering beamline at the NSLS S. N. Ehrlich, J. A. Schwanof, X. Yang, and G. L. Liedl C32 High performance network support of APS experiments Martin J. Knott and Robert McMahon C33 Personnel safety system for the beamlines at the Advanced Photon Source J. Hawkins, N. Friedman, C. Seaver, J. Stein, and J. Stoffel C34 Front end equipment protection system at the Advanced Photon Source N. Friedman, J. Hawkins, D. Travis, and G. Laurence C35 Design criteria for beamline equipment protection systems at the Advanced Photon Source J. P. Quintana and P. Jemian C36 Designing a beamline equipment protection system using a programmable logic controller James M. Minich C37 Beamline diagnostics on the new wiggler station for protein crystallography BW6 at DORIS Gernot Buth, Ingo Koelln, and Hans D. Bartunik C38 A review of methods for experimentally determining linear optics in storage rings James A. Safranek C39 Investigation of low-frequency beam motion at the APS Suk H. Kim, M. Borland, Y. Chung, G. Decker, C. Doose, R. Hogrefe, E. Kahana, D. Mangra, R. Merl, and S. Milton C40 APS Undulator A Radiation - First Results Z. Cai, R. Dejus, P. Den Hartog, Y. Feng, E. Gluskin, P. Ilinski, B. Lai, D. Legnini, L. Moog, S. Shastri, I. Vasserman, and W. Yun
Session D D01 Status of the Duke University soft x-ray undulator and beamline Lewis Johnson, John M. J. Madey, and Karl D. Straub D02 Magnet system of SPring-8 booster synchrotron Hiroto Yonehara, Hiromitsu Suzuki, Yasuo Ueyama, Tsuyoshi Aoki, Kenji Fukami, Norio Tani, So-ichiro Hayashi, Takayoshi Kaneta, Hiroshi Abe, Kenji Okanishi, Shigeki Ohtsuchi, Naoyasu Hosoda, Hideaki Yokomizo, Yutaka Hirata, Teruyasu Nagafuchi, Tadashige Chugun, and Hiroshi Kubo D03 Upgrade plan of the SPring-8 linac for the new light source Hiroshi Yoshikawa, Shisuke Suzuki, Hironao Sakaki, Akihiko Mizuno, Toshihiko Hori, Kenichi Yanagida, Tsutomu Taniuchi, Masahiko Kodera, Atsushi Kuba, and Hideaki Yokomizo D04 Plans for conversion of SURF II to SURF III A. D. Hamilton, M. L. Furst, L. R. Hughey, R. P. Madden, T. R. O'Brian, and J. E. Proctor D05 Digital closed orbit feedback system for the Advanced Photon Source storage ring Youngjoo Chung, D. Barr, G. Decker, J. Galayda, F. Lenkszus, A. Lumpkin, and A. J. Votaw D06 Damping pads for accelerator and beamline components Danny Mangra, Sushil Sharma, and Joseph Jendrzejczyk D07 An elliptical wiggler beamline for the ALS V. V. Martynov, W. R. McKinney, and H. A. Padmore D08 Elliptically polarized undulator beamlines at the Advanced Light Source Anthony T. Young, Egon Hoyer, Steve Marks, Vladimir Martynov, Howard Padmore, Dave Plate, and Rose Schlueter D09 High-resolution beamline 9.3.2 in the energy range 30-1500 eV at the Advanced Light Source: design and performance Zahid Hussain, W. R. Anthony Huff, Scot A. Kellar, Edward J. Moler, Philip A. Heimann, Wayne McKinney, Howard A. Padmore, Charles S. Fadley, and David A. Shirley D10 Calibration and standards beamline 6.3.2 at the ALS J. H. Underwood, E. M. Gullikson, M. Koike, P. J. Batson, P. E. Denham, K. D. Franck, and R. Steele D11 Optical design of a 1-4 keV beamline for microscopy and coherence experiments at the Advanced Photon Source I. McNulty, Y.P. Feng, A. Khounsary, J. Barraza, and D. Shu D12 Design of a coherence-based beamline for x-ray microfocusing at the APS W. Yun, B. Lai, Z. Cai, D. Shu, and J. Barraza D13 Earth, soil and environmental science research facility at sector 13 of the Advanced Photon Source: I. sector layout and optical design Peter Eng, Yifei R. Jaski, Nancy Lazarz, Paul Murray, Joseph Pluth, Harvey Rarback, Mark Rivers, and Stephen Sutton D14 Earth, soil and environmental science research facility at sector 13 of the Advanced Photon Source: II. scientific program and experimental instrumentation Stephen Sutton, Peter J. Eng, Yifei R. Jaski, Nancy Lazarz, Joseph Pluth, Paul Murray, Harvey Rarback and Mark Rivers D15 Design of the Structural Biology Center beamlines at the APS Gerd Rosenbaum and Edwin M. Westbrook D16 The PNC-CAT ID beamlines Steve M. Heald, Edward Stern, Bill Barg, Fred Brown, K. Hyde Kim, and Daryl Crozier D17 Infrared radiation from bending magnet edges in an electron storage ring R. A. Bosch, T. E. May, R. Reininger, and M. A. Green D18 SINBAD: A synchrotron infrared beamline at DAFNE A. Marcelli, E. Burattini, G.R. Ambrogini, P. Calvani, A. Nucara, and M. Sanchez del Rio D19a Alignment and commissioning of the APS beamline front ends D. Shu, J. Barraza, M. Ramanathan, J. Chang, and T. M. Kuzay D20 Mirror mounts designed for high heat loads of the Advanced Photon Source SRI-CAT sector 2 D. Shu, Wenbing Yun, Juan Barraza, Kevin Randall, Barry Lai, Ian McNulty, Joe Xu, Ali M. Khounsary, Efim Gluskin, and Tuncer M. Kuzay D21 Design of the commissioning filter/mask/window assembly for undulator beamline front ends at the Advanced Photon Source D. Shu and T. M. Kuzay D22 Design of the white-beam transport for insertion device beamlines at the Advanced Photon Source D. Shu, D. Haeffner, and P. K. Job D23 An intelligent filter control system for APS insertion device beamlines using fuzzy logic D. Shu, James M. Minich, Dean Haeffner, Christa Brite, Tom Nian, Roger Dejus, and Tuncer M. Kuzay D24 Redesigned frontend for the upgrade at CHESS Randall L. Headrick, and Karl W. Smolenski D25 Special manufacturing and joining techniques used in the manufacture of the APS front end and beamline components M. C. Townsend D26 Commissioning window analyses for the Advanced Photon Source undulator beamlines Z. B. Wang, T. H. Nian, T. M. Kuzay, and D. Shu D27 Using metallic filters in APS undulator beamlines Z. B. Wang and T. M. Kuzay D28 On the critical thickness of synchrotron x-ray filters and filter design Z. B. Wang and T. M. Kuzay D29 Design and analysis of a photon/safety shutter for CARS sector 14 ID beamline at the Advanced Photon Source W. Schildkamp, Y. Jaski, and G. Navrotski D30 Internally shielded beam transport and support system W. Schildkamp and H. Brewer D31 Secondary bremsstrahlung dose rates from glancing-incidence targets P. K. Job and D. R. Haeffner D32 Thermo-mechanical analysis of the white-beam slits for an undulator beamline at the Advanced Photon Source H. L. Thomas Nian, T. M. Kuzay, and D. Shu D33 Closed form solutions for a contamination barrier, a filter, and a window for an x-ray beamline at the Advanced Photon Source H. L. Thomas Nian and T. M. Kuzay D34 Thermal buckling analysis for a contamination barrier for an x-ray beamline at the Advanced Photon Source H. L. Thomas Nian, T. M. Kuzay, and I. C. Sheng D35 Mechanical design of a missteered beam safety monitor at the Advanced Photon Source J. Chang, D. Shu, G. Decker, T. Nian, T. M. Kuzay, A. Lumpkin, and X. Wang D36 Power loading and transmission calculations for an ALS wiggler beamline S. Marks and C. Cork D37 Fundamentals of heat transfer enhancement using conductive metallic porous media T. M. Kuzay and M. Sözen D38 Monte-Carlo simulations of the vacuum performance of differential pumps at the Advanced Photon Source C. Liu, D. Shu, T. M. Kuzay, and R. Kersevan D39 Importance of components cleaning to the ultrahigh vacuum performance of beamline front ends C. Liu, R. W. Nielsen, T. L. Kruy, J. T. Collins, M. Ramanathan, and T. M. Kuzay D40 Cleaning and outgassing studies of machinable tungsten for beamline safety shutters C. Liu, D. Ryding, R. W. Nielsen, T. L. Kruy, and T. M. Kuzay D41 TGM-to-SGM conversion at NSLS beamline U7A: recyclying of beamline components Steven L. Hulbert and Q.-Y. Dong D43 Results from the high-brightness x-ray spectroscopy beamline at ALS for the 2 - 5 keV region Rupert C. C. Perera, W. Ng, and G. Jones D44 CHESS upgrade 1995: improved radiation shielding K. D. Finkelstein and S. W. Gray D45 Spatial imaging of monochromatic hard x-rays from an APS undulator by the Kohzu double-crystal monochromator D. M. Mills, W. K. Lee, M. Keeffe, D. R. Haeffner, and P. Fernandez

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