Inside This Issue

  • Accelerator Commissioning Update
  • APS Computer Networks: Designed to Meet CATs' Future Needs
  • Argonne Installs Advanced Network Switching Device
  • Argonne Services Available
  • CAT Calendar
  • Construction Progress
  • Documents Sent
  • First Undulator Radiation Delivered to the Experiment Floor
  • New APS User Guides Available
  • New Water Connections Installed in SR Vacuum Chambers
  • SRI '95: Abstracts Now on WWW
  • SRI '95: Schedule at a Glance
  • Storage-Ring Readied for High-Current Operation
  • Symposium Celebrates X-ray Centennial
  • Twenty Institutions Sign User Agreements
  • Update: Installation Schedules for Front Ends and Beamline Transports
  • User Contact Information
  • What is Round, High-Tech, and Filled with Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation?

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