Beamline 26-ID-C: Hard X-ray Nanoprobe

Physics, Materials Science


The Nanoprobe beamline program is devoted to hard x-ray structural/chemical nano-imaging and nano-diffraction using 6-12 keV x-rays, with special emphasis on nanoscience.  


Supported Techniques

  • Nanodiffraction
  • Nano-imaging
  • Coherent x-ray scattering
  • Synchrotron X-ray Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (SX-STM)

Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition

Beamline operation: EPICS.  Nanoprobe instrument: EPICS, Zeiss XMController, Python, Matlab, IDL


  • SII Vortex-ME4: SDD EDS (4-elements)
  • SII Vortex SDD EDS (single element)
  • ASC Medipix 3 PAD
  • Andor scintillator-coupled CCD
  • Oxford scintillator

Additional Equipment


Local Contacts

Name MARTIN V. HOLT (critical phenomena, phase transitions)
Phone 630.252.5180
Name ROBERT P. WINARSKI (energy materials, nanomagnetism)
Phone 630.252.9921
Name ZHONGHOU CAI (complex oxides, lattice strain)
Phone 630.252.0144
Name IAN L. MCNULTY (nanomagnetism, coherent optics)
Phone 630.252.2882

Beamline Specs

Source (upstream)

3.3 Undulator (Undulator A)

Source (downstream)

3.3 Undulator (Undulator A)

Monochromator Type

DCM, Si(111)

Energy Range

6-12 keV

Resolution (ΔE/E)

1.7 x 10 -4

Flux (photons/sec)

1 x 109 @10 keV

Beam Size (HxV)


.03µm x .03µm


.5mm x .5mm

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