Beamline 11-ID-D: Sector 11 - Time Resolved X-ray Spectroscopy and Scattering

X-ray Science Division, APS
Chemistry, Environmental Science, Materials Science


The scientific program of 11-ID-D is focused on the investigation of structural and electronic relaxation processes of photo- and electronic-exited organic solutions, suspensions of nano particles, and the interfaces of organic and conducting materials. Various experimental setups and analytical tools are available to perform pump probe spectroscopy and wide-angle x-ray scattering experiments. The key elements are an in-line tandem undulator beamline that provides high flux (up to 1014 photons/s) in the energy range of 6 KeV to 28 KeV with a spot size of 150 x 50 microns and a high power laser system with 1mJ pulse power at various wavelengths.


Supported Techniques

  • X-ray absorption fine structure
  • Time-resolved x-ray absorption fine structure

Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition

Linux-EPICS, SPEC, MacOS, and Windows EPICS.


  • Pilatus 2M
  • Ionization chambers
  • Bicron
  • Solid state detectors (Si and Ge)
  • Canberra 9-element Ge

Additional Equipment

  • Diffractometer
  • Analyzer
  • Detector
  • Spectroscopy table
  • 8-circle Huber goniometer

Local Contacts

Phone 630.252.0366
Phone 630.252.3256

Beamline Specs

Source (upstream)

3.3 Undulator (Undulator A)

Source (downstream)

2.3 Undulator

Monochromator Type


Energy Range

6-28 keV

Resolution (ΔE/E)

1 x 10 -4

Flux (photons/sec)

1 x 1012 @12 keV

Beam Size (HxV)


450µm x 50µm

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