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Beamline 7-ID-B,C,D: Time Resolved Scattering and Spectroscopy

X-ray Science Division, APS
Materials Science, Atomic Physics, Chemistry


Beamline 7-ID is dedicated to time-resolved research, particularly, pump-probe experiments requiring ultrafast and high-intensity lasers.  Access for time-resolved spectroscopy and imaging is generally via collaboration.


Supported Techniques

  • Time-resolved x-ray scattering
  • Time-resolved x-ray absorption fine structure
  • Phase contrast imaging

Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition

EPICS based beam line control system using SPEC data acquisition software.


  • Pixelated photon-counting area detector
  • Ionization chambers
  • Various CCD detectors
  • Avalanche photodiodes

Additional Equipment

  • Huber 6-circle goniometer
  • KB mirrors
  • 1 KHz, 40 fs, 2.5 W Ti:Sapphire chirped pulse amplifier laser
  • 88 MHz, 40 fs, 500 mW laser oscillator
  • 300-2000 nm TOPAS

Special Capabilities

  • Pump-probe experiments, including ultrafast lasers.

Local Contacts

Name HAIDAN WEN (Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction Microscopy)
Phone 630.252.0278
Name DONALD WALKO (Pump-Probe Diffraction)
Phone 630.252.0271
Name JIN WANG (Ultrafast Imaging)
Phone 630.252.9125
Name ANTHONY DICHIARA (Ultrafast Laser Science for TRXD)
Phone 630.252.0417

Beamline Specs


3.3 Undulator (Undulator A)

Monochromator Type


Energy Range

6-21 keV

Resolution (ΔE/E)

5 x 10 -5

Flux (photons/sec)

3 x 1012 @10 keV

Beam Size (HxV)


.9µm x .35µm


.5mm x .5mm

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