Find a Beamline

The Advanced Photon Source consists of 34 sectors; each sector contains one or more beamlines. There are several resources available to help you find information about APS sectors and beamlines.


Beamlines Map
Clicking on the link above or the picture below will take you to a detailed bird's eye view of every beamline at the APS.

beamline map thumb


  • Beamlines Directory
    The complete listing of all APS beamlines' contacts, specifications, and status.
  • Techniques Directory
    An explanation of the various research techniques in use at the APS, and a listing of the beamlines that support them.
  • Sectors Directory
    A listing of APS sectors and the research groups that operate them. Includes links to X-ray Operations and Research (XOR) research group and Collaborative Access Team (CAT) websites, as well as sector-specific websites. These sites often provide a higher degree of technical information.