401 Library Take the elevators downstairs to the Gallery.

Conference Center Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall is a fully-equipped site for meetings of up to 540 people. This total includes:

  • 237 seats on the Lecture Hall main level;
  • 161 seats in the Lecture Hall balcony; and
  • 142 seats in the two flexible rooms under the balcony (with interior walls removed). These rooms can also be used for meetings, both individually (32 classroom-style seats) or together (72 classroom-style seats).
  • An additional 80 people can be seated in the nearby seminar room (A1100).

Photo of the Conference Center's Lecture Hall


Conference Center Gallery

Conference Center Lecture Hall
Parallel or satellite meetings can be held in other auditoriums located on the Argonne campus. Closed-circuit video hook-ups between the Conference Center Lecture Hall and other Argonne auditoriums is available, as is teleconferencing to any location in the world.

A library is located in the adjoining APS lab/office building.