Safety Overview Committee (SOC) Charter

1. Purpose

The Safety Overview Committee establishes safety policies and ad hoc safety committees.

2. Membership

Membership will include the following individuals:

  • APS Director
  • APS Division Directors
  • PSC ESH/QA Coordinator – Chair

3. Method

The Committee will:

  • Establish safety policies for the management of business within the APS.
  • Create short-term committees, as appropriate, to address safety problems not covered by the existing committee structure.

The committee chairperson meets with relevant safety representatives to discuss safety questions.

4. Frequency of Meetings

Safety topics and policies normally are discussed and resolved during meetings of the Operations Directorate or the PSC ALD Division Directors. Otherwise, any committee member may request that a meeting be held of the SOC members only.


Last Reviewed: October 22, 2012
Last Revised: August 8, 2009