APS Radioactive Sample Safety Review Committee
March 6, 2012

1. Purpose

The APS Safety Radioactive Sample Safety Review Committee (RSSRC) advises the AES Division Director on the radioactive samples to be used at the APS and the adequacy of controls in place for the duration of their use.

The RSSRC reviews the radioactive material samples proposed to be run at the APS to ensure that they fall within established safety envelopes of the APS.

2. Membership

The RSSRC members are appointed by the AES Division Director. The current members of the RSRC are:

B. Glagola AES - Chair
S. Davey AES
G. Pile AES
L. Soderholm CHM
J. Vacca RSO
W. VanWingeren AES
M. Beno XSD
E. Alp XSD
M. Rivers PUC

3. Method

  • The AES User Safety Coordinator will notify the RSSRC of any samples that are proposed for use.
  • The Radiation Scientist and Health Physics will pre-review all proposed experiments to determine if a review by the full committee is needed.
  • The Chair will coordinate the review by committee members and provide feedback to the Beamline and APS.
  • Beamline staff from the affected beamline will participate in the review.
  • Outside experts are brought in on an as needed basis
  • The spokesperson for the experiment, the beamline, and the APS Experiment Safety Review Board (ESRB) will be notified of the final status of the review.

4. Frequency of Meetings

Meetings are held on an as-needed basis for review of samples and experiments. In addition, the RSSRC will meet at the end of each APS running period to discuss the reviews and feedback from experiments completed during that cycle.

Reviewed: March 6, 2012