InterCAT Technical Working Group

Meeting November 17, 2005


Brief Introduction to the GE Angio Amorphous Silicon Detector, John Lee, AOD


John introduced the large area detector from General Electric and first experiences with this device that the detector group obtained in the past months. The GE Angio detector is a medical X-ray imaging detector designed for high-energy X-rays (80 keV). It consists of an array of 2k by 2k pixels, each 200 µm x 200 µm, for a total area of 410 mm by 410 mm. The X-ray scintillator used is a 500 µm CsI layer deposited on top of an amorphous Si TFT array. The fast addressable TFT pixels enable readouts of a 2k by 2k 14 bit image in 126 ms. The detector can also read 1k by 1k images in 23 ms. The system has a user selectable gain. Due to the low dead time for this system, its performance compares very favorably with image plate systems such as the MAR 345 (readout of 70s). It outperforms point detection in powder diffraction of Ni standards.

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