Activities 2005

  • Provided input to the draft 2005 ANL Employee Survey, based on the follow-up questionnaire the Committee developed to help understand the 2003 survey analysis.
  • Setup Committee web page (Harkay, Dalton)
  • Analyzed results of 2005 ANL Employee Survey for SUF
    • Compared data broken out by gender with 2003 survey. All areas showing significant gender differences in 2003 improved; female responses now statistically similar to the male responses.
    • Analyzed data broken out by minority status. Feeling underpaid showed more negative response compared to all SUF employees.
    • Bargaining unit members show statistically significant negative differences in many areas, compared to all SUF employees. This result is similar for ANL as a whole.
  • Presented SUF ALD specific suggestions on improvements based on the answers to the two open-ended 2005 survey questions.
  • Verbatim answers to open-ended questions prompted Laboratory Directory to appoint Work/Life Balance Committee to formulate ANL-wide recommendations.
  • Discussed mentoring practices applicable to SUF.