PSC Diversity Committee


The Photon Sciences (PSC) workforce is diverse and reflects many distinguishing characteristics, including age, race, disability, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religion. By valuing and managing our diversity well, each of us can help to ensure that all PSC employees have opportunities to advance to the fullest extent of their skills and abilities. Through effective diversity management, we can maximize our organizational potential.

Mission Statement


Lahsen Assoufid (XSD)
Daniela Capatina (AES)
Frederick Carter (AES)
Diego Casa (XSD)
Lydia Finney (XSD)
Kathy Harkay (ASD)
Daniel Haskel (XSD)
Quentin Hasse (ASD)
Liz Moog (ASD)
Marion White (ASD)
Connie Markiewicz, ex-officio (PSC)

If you have concerns relating to diversity in the workforce, recommendations to improve the work environment, or recruiting issues, please choose one of the following:

  1. Submit suggestions via web link
  2. Contact a member of the Diversity Committee by phone or in person (by clicking on the name listed above, an email composition page will appear).


History of the Diversity Committee

Internal Committee Page (restricted access)

Last updated May 3, 2011