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Module A

A-1 General Architecture of the APS Facility
A-2 Comprehensive Floor Coordinator Tasks
A-3 On-Shift Tasks
A-4 The Floor Coordinator Shift Log
A-5 Functional Description of APS Front Ends
A-6 Beamline Hardware & Optical Components
A-7 Personnel Safety System
A-8 Radiation Hazards and Mitigation
A-9 PSS Search & Secure
A-10 Beamline Cabinet Information
A-11 Configuration Control Work Permit
A-12 Configuration Control Policy & Procedure
A-13 Beamline Activity Approval Forms
A-14 Using EPICS
A-15 Global Online
A-16 Turning the Key: APS Enable, PSS Faults
A-17 Standing Orders
A-18 Liquid Nitrogen Distribution System

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