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Personnel Safety System

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Types of Control Panels

There are two generations of PSS currently at the APS, Gen 1 and Gen 3. Gen 1 is the original generation, consisting of hard shutter control buttons, door lock buttons, active panel buttons, and light emitting diodes (LEDs). Gen 3 consists of touch screen panels, in which all previous hard controls and lights of the Gen 1 are now represented as part of the touch screen.

Four kinds of control panels are found on experiment stations.
Panel Type
Station Control
Provides feedback on status of PSS and allows shutter operation
Station Door Control
Indicates status of station doors
Beam Mode Control
Allows changes in type of beam entering a station
System Control
Indicates fault status of the PSS

Figure 1: 1-BM Station A/B Control Panels (Gen 1 PSS)

Figure 2: 11-BM Station A User Panel (Gen 3 PSS)

Note: When using Gen 3 PSS control panels, station or systems status buttons need to be pressed to see door, mode, and PSS systems control panels, which differs from Gen 1 PSS control panels where all can be viewed on one large panel.

The light emitting diodes (LEDs) on the Gen 1 panels and status indicators in the Gen 3 panels display if the PSS is configured to allow components to let beam into a station.

In general, a steady green light means that a component is set to transport beam, and a red light indicates that it is not.

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