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Lesson Module A-7
  Personnel Safety System


This lesson module is intended to familiarize UES personnel with the Personnel Safety System.

The Personnel Safety System (PSS) is a complex monitoring and control system comprised of both hardware and software. It is an integral part of radiation protection here at the APS, and is maintained by the Systems Interlock (SI) group. The PSS is a fail-safe, engineered, electronic-interlock system. Its design is different for each sector, due to the diversity of experiment-station designs. The PSS is used to:

  • control access to experiment stations
  • control safety shutter operation
  • monitor critical beamline radiation safety system components

This module will introduce two very important aspects of the PSS: the control panels and search-and-secure procedures. Further hands-on training should be given by the Floor Coordinator Training Custodian who will integrate these readings with the actual PSS hardware.

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