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Lesson Module A-4
The Floor Coordinator Shift Log

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The Shift Log Main Menu

Once you have access to the Shift Log, the main menu will appear as seen below.

The first three links (Latest Shift Logs - 24 hrs, Latest Shift Logs - 7 days, Latest Shift Logs - All) allow browsing of the log entries for the past day, week, or viewing them all. Each entry is time stamped and when viewed is sorted in reverse chronological order.

The next link (Shift Log Search) prepares a search of the Shift Log based on specific input criterion. For any data field that can be entered, a search can be performed. Specific character strings (i.e. key words) can also be searched.

The next three links (New Shift Log Entry Form, Post ESAF to table, adn New ESAF TAble Item) allow for entering either a Shift Log Entry or updating the Experiment Safety Approval Form Table. The Shift Log ESAF Table link will display a list of all ESAFs currently posted around the ring.

Lastly, Shift Log data is archived at the end of every run and shut-down period. At the completion of each run or shut-down, the Shift Log custodian archives the data using this tool.

Shift Log - Floor Coordinators
Select an Item

Latest Shift Logs - 24 hrs

Latest Shift Logs - 7 days

Latest Shift Logs - All

Shift Log Search

New Shift Log Entry Form

Post ESAF to table

New ESAF Table Item

Shift Log ESAF Table

Archive Shift Log

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