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Lesson Module A-4
The Floor Coordinator Shift Log


Upon completion of this module, the reader should have a clear understanding of how to use the Floor Coordinator web based shift log.

The Floor Coordinator shift log is an extremely useful tool for recording and retrieving information concerning operations at the APS. It was designed for the Floor Coordinators to record their interactions with the Users, APS support staff, and APS management. New information can be entered, old information can be retrieved and sorted by various criterion, and Experiment Safety Approval Form (ESAF) postings can be tabulated.

The Floor Coordinator shift log is an ORACLE database which is maintained by the Information Solutions (AES-IS) group. Only Floor Coordinators are allowed to input information into this system. However, anyone on the APS Network can view the information once it has been entered. Therefore, when making shift log entries they should be thorough, accurate, and appropriate for a public forum. Once an entry is made, it cannot be removed.

There is a link to the Floor Coordinator Shift Log on the UES home page. In order to gain access to the Shift Log, you will need a password from the IS group. As a new Floor Coordinator, your badge number will have to be added to the list of people who are allowed direct access to these web pages.

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