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Lesson Module A-3
The On-Shift Floor Coordinator
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Once your shift has started you should perform the following:

Call or take shift from the MCR, 2-9424 Calling the MCR lets them know that a new FC is starting their shift. If taking the shift from the MCR, instead ask them to update the Storage Ring Status page with your name and ask of any events during their off-shift coverage.They will update the EPICS information to denote your presence. 
Make a Shift Log entry  Record in the shift log that you have arrived and are beginning your shift. Note the present beam current, the number of shutters that are open, and any unique information passed shift-to-shift, such as Shutter Authorization forms posted, hazardous material experiments running, or a beamline occurrence. 
Check your email Sometimes systems personnel are sick, on vacation, or unavailable for other reasons. Changes to the call-in lists might be made to reflect this. However, there are occasions where an email has been sent out instead. 

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