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Why might a beamline be taken Globally Offline?

  • PSS validation or repair.
  • Concern that beam may be lost due to faulty Front End equipment generating a major fault at a particular beamline.
  • At the end of the user run, the Floor Coordinators take all beamlines Globally Offline.

Who may take a beamline Global Offline and return a beamline to Global Online?

  • Per procedure, both Floor Coordinators and Main Control Room operators may take a beamline Global Offline.
  • However, only Floor Coordinators may return a beamline to Global Online status.
  • Systems Interlock personnel may sign out and use global online/offline keys to perform ACIS trip tests and/or end-to-end tests for their systems' validations.

Take this time to read through the Procedure for the Use of Beamline Global Online Keys.

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