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Beamline Activity Approval Forms
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The Commissioning Activity Approval Form (CAA)
This form is the simplest of the three options.  The CAA form may be requested by the CAT staff, the AES Radiation Safety Officer, or the Beamline Commissioning Readiness Review Team Chairman.  The AES Division Director or the Associate Division Director (ADD) issues approval.  The CAA authorizes operation with x-rays into part or all of the beamline facility for the purpose of completing shielding verification surveys and for monochromator tuning.  Often the latter requires the use of a well-characterized sample.  Therefore, what may appear to be an experiment is in reality commissioning.  The CAA provides the following information:

  • An identifying sequence number, start date and expiration date
  • The commissioning envelope
  • Activity description
  • Commissioning team members
  • Special safety concerns
  • Submitter (usually Commissioning Activity Team Leader)
  • Comments from the ADD for Operations
  • A typical CAA is shown by the link below.

    CAA approval announcements are delivered by e-mail to the Floor Coordinators and others.  The CAA may be printed from the User Operations web page of the Operations Division. (Link)

    APS Beamline Operations Approval Form (BOA)

    This form is posted mainly at Sector 35, which is neither commissioning nor running experiments. Sector 35 is an APS diagnostics beamline used to:

    • Characterize and monitor the e-beam for user operations. Help address users’concern about the electron beam.
    • Support accelerator development for better understanding of the ring and help explore new operating parameter space.
    • Develop advanced techniques and concepts for current and future accelerators and light sources.

    The MCR has full operation of the beam-line shutter controls, and also the permit to allow shutter enable for Sector 35 beamlines. The contact point is the ASD beamline staff when present or the MCR operators.

    The BOA form lists an experiment ID number, start date, title, signator name, beamline operating parameters, and is approved by the AES Division Director or Associate Division Director.

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