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Lesson Module A-11
The Configuration Control Work Permit


This module provides information regarding how the functions of control are accomplished.  Upon completion of this module, the reader should be able to safely and effectively execute a Configuration Control Work Permit.

Beamline components required for the control of radiation may be designated as
Configuration Controlled Components or Radiation Safety System (RSS) Components.
Designation as such indicates that casual movement or changes to these components are not permitted.

  • The beamline manager, following agreement with the User Technical Interface, Configuration Control System Manager (CCSM), and a Floor Coordinator (FC), prepares a Configuration Controlled Components List (CCCL) for each beam line.
    • The CCCL is accompanied by a color-coded map of the beamline which illustrates the layout of the hutches and locations of shutters and beamstops.
    • Note:  When components under configuration control are changed, the CCCL is updated.
  • Items designated as requiring configuration control are also reviewed via a Beamline Safety Design Review Steering Committee (BSDRSC) and/or the Beamline Commissioning Readiness Review Team (BCRRT).
  • The official list for a beamline is posted in the FC beam line end cabinets for reference.
  • The actual items placed under configuration control are marked with a red tag having the notation APS Radiation Safety - Do not remove or change this component without an approved work permit. Contact 2-0101.

Prior to every run:
The FC verifies that components listed in the CCCL are in place and properly marked prior to granting APS enable, a key switch in the safety system that allows the users to open the photon shutters.

Below is a link to the "Configuration Control Work Permit Procedure." This procedure explains the processing of a CCWP. Please review this procedure at this time.

The next link is to the FC's "Posting a Beamline or Front End Configuration Control Work Permit and UES Type C Survey Information Form." It explains the FC's role in posting a CCWP and a Type C Survey Info Form, if needed. After reviewing this procedure, please continue with the rest of the lesson module.

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