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Lesson Module A-10
Required Beamline Cabinet Information
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For beamlines undergoing commissioning the following information must be posted:

  • Commissioning Activity Approval Form (CAA):  A document initiated by the CAT (or by the Radiation Safety Officer, Configuration Control System Manager, or Associate Division Director for AES for commissioning activities) but issued by AES that allows investigations to take place on the beamline.  The CAA is valid for the time specified on the form up to a maximum of one year.
  • Configuration Control Component List (CCCL):  A list showing all components that are under configuration control and are known Radiation Shielding Systems (RSS),
    • The CCCL is accompanied by a color-coded map of the beamline which illustrates the layout of the hutches and locations of beamstops and shutters.
  • A Shielding Verification Plan prepared by the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO-HP).
  • Anamorphic bremsstrahlung ray traces:  Drawings in both the horizontal and vertical plane that project the radiation source through all apertures (optical stops) until the final bremsstrahlung stop is reached.  The projected image of the radiation source plus 4.5 cm must be fully contained on the correctly constructed bremsstrahlung stop.  That is, the external ray in the case of bremsstrahlung ray tracing should not be closer than 4.5 cm from the lateral edge of the Bremstrahlung stop per TB-20. (This document is currently only available online as a PDF file.)Note: Some beamlines' ray traces are available via ICMS instead of the beamline end cabinets.

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