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Lesson Module A-10
Required Beamline Cabinet Information


The beamline cabinet contains information that is crucial to the operation of the beamline.  The information that is required depends on the beamline operational status.  Upon completion of this module, the reader should know what information must be posted in the beamline cabinet for both operational beamlines and those undergoing commissioning.

An operational beamline:
Has undergone complete shielding verification of the enclosures for radiation and/or mitigation.
Has a completely implemented and validated PSS.

  • Generally when designated as operational, the CAT has completed commissioning of beamline optical components such as monochromators and detectors.
  • A noteworthy consequence of operational status is that when the beamline is declared operational, the CAT has a period of one year after which 20 % of the available beam time is to be offered to Independent Investigators.

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