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Instructions for User Training by UES and MCR Personnel

Using the Remote Training Website

Provide the following link to the user to take the core training on the web:

Training completion will be automatically recorded in the Argonne Training Management System shortly after the exam has been completed.


To Administer the Tests Manually

Step 1 Have the trainee review the study guide(s) for ESH 100U, APS 101, GERT, Cybersecurity, and Electrical Safety Awareness provided by the APS User Office via the following link:

User Orientation Study Guides

Step 2 Present to the trainee the appropriate exam(s) that are located in the User Training Binder.

Step 3 Correct the exam(s) and obtain a signature(s) for ESH 377.

Step 4 Submit all training documents to the APS User Office. They will insure that the Users get the proper credit for having received the Orientation. Also, remind the user to go to the User Office the next day (if possible) to finalize paperwork, check their registration form, receive their badge or reactivate it, insure there is a user agreement, etc.


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