13-BM Fault Reset

Period: 8/9/13-8/22/13

13BM has a recurring fault -- (160) SH1CMS1_NO_SWITCH P5BMS1_NOSWITCH.  The MS1 cylinder on the 13BM-C shutter is failing and there is no rebuild kit available at this time. 

If the fault occurs in the off-shift, there will be a page on 0101 which indicates serious fault 160 on the 13BM beamline.  The 13BM users may also page 0101 to report the problem.  Please respond by going to the 13-BM-A PSS panel, where you will see the serious/major fault led flashing, and toggle the serious/major fault key to reset the fault.  The shutters should open automatically within a few seconds after this reset.  If they do not, and the users are not able to open them, the MCR should page the on-call Floor Coordinator. The on-call Floor Coordinator should consult with the SI Group.

A serious/major fault key will be passed to the MCR on the 8/9 shift change at 2200 and remain until 8/22/13 at the end of the run.

If there are any serious/major faults on 13BM other than fault 160, the MCR should page the on-duty Floor Coordinator.