Special Procedure for Sector 9BM and 9ID FE-EPS

System:    FE-EPS
Period:      User Beam and Machine Studies
Event:       Vacuum Fault or Valve closure on 9BM and 9ID

When encountering a reported Vacuum Fault or Valve Closure (SV, FEV, or BIV):

Contact Jon Behrndt using the PSS On-call numbers listed.  Perform this procedure regardless of contact outcome; the data collected will help narrow down the cause of these trips.
    1.  Collect the special keys labeled "Sector 9" from the key cabinet in LOM 433's FC office. Several copies of the procedure will also be located in the 433 FC office.
    2.  Proceed to the affected beamline's FE-EPS mezzanine cabinet.
    3.  Open the front door and looking at the PLC, observe and record the indicators lit on card 10.
    4.  Reset any faults by depressing the Reset button.
    5.  Insert the larger key into the control panel and turn to the right.  Check to see that all of the indicators on the card are extinguished.  Turn key to the left and removed from the control panel.
    6.  Re-open valves after following the standard procedure outlined by the vacuum group. (FE-EPS Reset Procedure)
    7.  Once all valves and PS1 are reopened, recheck indicators on card 10.  They should remain off.  If any are lit, note it and the circumstances on the back of the form, then repeat step 5.
    8.  Lock cabinet and return to normal operations.  Return keys to LOM 433 FC office and leave the procedure there.  Email Jon Berhrndt (behrndt@aps.anl.gov) that an event has occurred.  Please include any additional details you can remember.

This procedure is valid through the end of 2004-2
J. Behrndt, FE-EPS System Engineer 12/10/03