Sector 23-ID and 31-ID FEEPS Fault List


To view the FEEPS fault list: From EPICS screen "APS Storage Ring Displays" click on sector 23 or 31. From pull-down menu, select "XX -ID FEEPS Faults " - To determine faults, a red bit indicates when that fault is present.

For sector 23:
Expected faults:
Word 8 Bit 15 Front end Valve Close Fault
Word 9 Bit 2 Front end Valve Position Fault
Bit 6 Beamline Isolation Valve Close Fault
Bit 8 Beamline Isolation Valve Vacuum Fault
Word 13 Bit 13 Exit Mask Flow Low Fault
Bit 14 Exit Mask DP Low Fault
Word 14 Bit 1 Beryllium Window Flow Low Fault

These faults exist, as the front end is not yet complete.

For sector 31-ID:

No expected faults. Entire system is active.

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Refer to Hand-Out supplied at pre-run briefing for other word fault bit correlation.