Sector 21
Sector 23
Sector 24

If there are any alarms or problems with Sectors 21, 23, or 24 Front Ends, the Experimental Facilities Engineering Group is to be contacted. They will be responsible for contacting other groups as required. They may request contact of other personnel through a Floor Coordinator since FC's have current call in lists.

The following call in list for Experimental Facilities Engineering is in effect for Run 2004-01:

Contact Order Phone Page Home Phone Cell phone
Greg Wiemerslage primary 2-0142 4-0142 630-495-6933 630-460-0689
Jeff Collins alternate 2-6770
4-6770 630-551-0343 630-306-0471

Kevin Knoezer and Russ Otto are on call on alternate weeks. They can be reached on the on call cell phone - 630 632-2044.

Revised, Greg Wiemerslage 03/10/04

Reviewed, Greg Wiemerslage 03/10/04

Revised, Rod Salazar 6/16/04

Revised, Kevin Beyer 10/13/04 (update G.W. phone numbers)