13-ID-C Movable White Beam Stop (MWBS)

13-ID-C is equipped with a copper block Movable White Beam Stop (MWBS) which can either stop beam at the C station or allow it to enter the D station depending upon its position (open or closed). This MWBS is under APS configuration control.

When no beam is allowed in the D hutch, the MWBS is lowered over the guillotine (closed position). The Kirk key is used to lock the MWBS into place, then it is captured in the PSS control panel. An APS reset (like a mode change) must be performed. The control panel LED will then indicate "Closed".

In order to allow beam into the D hutch, the Kirk key must be inserted into the MWBS at the rear of the assembly for the stop to register in the open position. It will remain captured at the MWBS in the C station while the stop is desired open. The control panel LED will indicate "Open". No APS reset is required.

PSS will not allow Search and Secure of any station without the APS reset as noted.

W. VanWingeren, 5/25/00 (SO-BLS-13ID-02)

A. Myers, revised 9/23/02

W. VanWingeren, reviewed 2/14/03

P. Neitzke, reviewed 3/11/04

Removal Comments: Information listed under PSS in the FC Sector Information Page