Standing Orders Main Page

This page serves as a guideline to finding the Standing Orders set into place by APS personnel, and enforced by the AOD-EOS Group.

All issues enclosed within are directives by authorized personnel, approved prior to posting on this page.

Recent Additions (as of 03/24/05):

Working on Top of Experimental Enclosures added 03/24/05

Sectors 21, 23, 24, 26, 30 Front Ends revised 02/17/05

APS Policy for Locking an Experiment Station containing Hazardous Materials added 02/10/05

Valve Openings in Differential Pressure (DP) BM and ID Front End Beamlines revised 10/07/04

FEEPS Reset Procedure revised 6/16/04

Work Which Impacts Storage Ring Operations added 12/8/03

FE-EPS Trip causing Storage Ring Dump added 12/4/03

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