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UES Instructions for Operators

This web page contains information for the MCR Operators regarding off hours responses to 0101 requests.

Instructions Description Review Date PowerPoint Presentation
FE-EPS Reset

Instructions on how to reset trips of the Front End Equipment Protection System.

NOTE: If there is a FEEPS fault, but no page from beamline personnel or user regarding the fault, then no action is required at that time.

03/05/15 FE-EPS Reset
Posting EA/EHCP Forms Instructions on posting Experiment Authorization and Experiment Hazard Control Plan forms 01/16/15 Posting EA/EHCP Forms
Posting Shutter Authorization Forms Instructions on posting Shutter Authorization forms 03/05/15 Posting Shutter Authorization Forms
PSS Minor Fault Reset


Instructions on how to reset trips of the Personnel Safety System (Minor Faults only)

Please treat "Trips" at 1BM,2BM, 3ID, 4ID {G3U}, 5BM, 5ID, 6BM, 8BM, 8ID, 9BM, 10BM, 10ID,11BM {G3U}, 11ID, 12BM, 12ID, 13BM, 13ID, 14BM, 14ID, 15ID, 16BM, 16ID, 17BM, 17ID,  18ID, 19BM, 19ID, 20BM, 21ID{G3U}, 22BM, 22ID, 23BM{G3U}, 23ID, 24BM{G3U}, 24ID, 26ID {G3U}, 27ID {G3U}, 29ID{G3U}, 30ID {G3U}, 31ID, 32ID, 33BM, 33ID, 35BM, and 35ID {G3U} fully upgraded PSS as Minor Faults, and reset the trip up to three times per shift with the PSS Minor Fault key. When there is a "Trip," either the Chain A or Chain B red LED is steady lit on the PSS panel, and when the "Trip" is reset, the red LED will be off. Treat "Faults" at the fully upgraded beamlines as Serious/Major Faults, and call the on-duty Floor Coordinator.



PSS Minor Fault Reset
Securing Hazardous Samples Instructions on securing experimental enclosures which contain hazardous samples 01/16/15  
Miscellaneous Requests Instructions for miscellaneous requests to 2-0101 01/27/15  
Enclosure ODH Alarm Policy and Procedure: Enclosure ODH Alarm 07/09/14  


01/27/15 PP
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