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UES Instructions for Operators

This web page contains information for the MCR Operators regarding off hours responses to 0101 requests.

Instructions Description Review Date PowerPoint Presentation
FE-EPS Reset

Instructions on how to reset trips of the Front End Equipment Protection System.

NOTE: If there is a FEEPS fault, but no page from beamline personnel or user regarding the fault, then no action is required at that time.

Under Review FE-EPS Reset
Posting EA/EHCP Forms Instructions on posting Experiment Authorization and Experiment Hazard Control Plan forms 02/19/14 Posting EA/EHCP Forms
Posting Shutter Authorization Forms Instructions on posting Shutter Authorization forms Under Review Posting Shutter Authorization Forms
PSS Minor Fault Reset


Instructions on how to reset trips of the Personnel Safety System (Minor Faults only)

Please treat "Trips" at 2BM, 3ID, 4ID {G3U}, 5BM, 5ID, 6BM, 8BM, 8ID, 9BM, 10BM, 10ID,11BM {G3U},12BM, 12ID, 13BM, 13ID, 14BM, 14ID, 15ID, 16BM, 16ID, 17BM, 17ID,  18ID, 19BM, 19ID, 20BM, 21ID{G3U}, 22BM, 22ID, 23BM{G3U}, 23ID, 24BM{G3U}, 24ID, 26ID {G3U}, 29ID{G3U}, 30ID {G3U}, 31ID, and 35ID {G3U} fully upgraded PSS as Minor Faults, and reset the trip up to three times per shift with the PSS Minor Fault key. When there is a "Trip," either the Chain A or Chain B red LED is steady lit on the PSS panel, and when the "Trip" is reset, the red LED will be off. Treat "Faults" at the fully upgraded beamlines as Serious/Major Faults, and call the on-duty Floor Coordinator.



PSS Minor Fault Reset
Securing Hazardous Samples Instructions on securing experimental enclosures which contain hazardous samples 01/20/14  
Miscellaneous Requests Instructions for miscellaneous requests to 2-0101 02/19/14  
Enclosure ODH Alarm Policy and Procedure: Enclosure ODH Alarm Under Review  


2/19/14 PP
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