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PSS Search and Secure

Before any search can be performed, the station needs to be in its initial starting configuration.

Initial Conditions

  1. All faults are reset
  2. User Enable Key has been turned
  3. All station doors are in their proper position
  4. All Emergency Stop Buttons are pulled out

Note: The station does not require APS Enable to secure the station. It does need APS Enable to open the shutter.

Searching a Station

  • Do not start the search until everyone has exited the station.
  • Locate Search Box 1 (SB1) and press the button beneath the flashing LED. Once depressed, the LED will remain lit.
  • Proceed to the next Search Box (if applicable); the next Search Box LED will be flashing. Repeat as necessary.

    As the area is searched, look very carefully for anyone who might be working in a hard to observe location. It is the searcher's responsibility to complete this task in a conscientious and diligent manner. Failure to do so could put someone at risk of exposure to the APS X-Ray beam.
  • Exit and close the station door, holding the "close" button until the door is fully closed and locked.
  • Some stations have more than one search area. Search the first area, then exit and close the station door. This will cause the next Search Box LED to begin flashing. Complete the search by entering the next search area and depressing the next search button. Repeat as necessary.

Emergency Egress

If you find yourself inside of a closed station, immediately press the Emergency Stop button. You can make an emergency exit from the closed station by activating the emergency egress button on the gray box. If the egress button does not open the door, it can be manually opened after the pnuematic cylinder equalize button is pushed on the same gray box.

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