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Ticket #RequestorSubjectHelp TopicStatusPriorityCreated
536104John GonczyLN2 components asm and InstallationCryogenicopenHigh2015-01-15 12:14:53
474310Andrew StevensFabricate Lexan ShieldsCryogenicopenNormal2014-06-06 09:18:46
170116Bruno FieramoscaTroubleshoot 11-ID-C wall mounted oxygen monitor MechanicalopenHigh2015-01-28 16:16:57
208643Dean WyncottGas cage door lockMechanicalopenNormal2014-09-18 13:27:20
215965Antonino MiceliPutting up cage in 437-D LOMMechanicalopenNormal2014-11-07 14:43:17
919388Olaf BorkiewiczRunning gas lines inside the hutchMechanicalopenNormal2015-01-20 17:54:32
576064Hawoong HongTurbo pumpVacuumopenHigh2015-01-26 16:29:50
846388william bergLaser Transport PlugsVacuumopenHigh2015-01-27 19:42:27
975552TimUHV CleaningVacuumopenNormal2014-11-19 13:59:23
471680Mark Erdmann6BM-A Replace ion pumpVacuumopenNormal2014-11-26 10:19:02
365119Dean Carbaugh26ID-pump check/tip seals replacedVacuumopenNormal2014-12-05 11:18:59
721097Zhan Zhang33BM replacing ion pumpVacuumopenNormal2014-12-12 14:03:54
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