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Ticket #RequestorSubjectHelp TopicStatusPriorityCreated
608372Andrew StevensRepair Sealtight at LN2 Level TransmitterCryogenicopenHigh2013-08-01 15:40:46
873186Andrew StevensAuto Fill #2 Is brokenCryogenicopenHigh2014-05-07 16:24:29
748407Andrew StevensReplace limit switches on supply valvesCryogenicopenNormal2014-06-06 06:46:29
474310Andrew StevensFabricate Lexan ShieldsCryogenicopenNormal2014-06-06 09:18:46
309484Andrew StevensSector 35 Drop Valve Leaks ByCryogenicopenLow2013-11-25 08:58:14
810323Andrew StevensRepair Module A Temp Sensor 3CryogenicopenLow2013-11-25 09:08:40
252796Rick SpenceODMonitor removalMechanicalopenHigh2014-09-24 15:37:38
943497Dean WyncottLayout 1-BM-A roof access holeMechanicalopenNormal2014-05-01 11:06:00
634364Ray ZieglerRun 1/4" ss tubing into 7ID laser hutchMechanicalopenNormal2014-06-17 11:10:54
845060Kevin Damicocompressed air line at sector 35MechanicalopenNormal2014-07-14 14:19:58
208643Dean WyncottGas cage door lockMechanicalopenNormal2014-09-18 13:27:20
444405Kamlesh1MechanicalopenNormal2014-09-24 14:09:27
670108John Gonczyvacuum hardware , assembly, He mass sprec. leak-checkVacuumopenNormal2013-06-10 11:42:02
646383John GonczyID beamline supportVacuumopenNormal2014-09-17 15:30:46
385177Mike McDowellWater lines for 4ID-C OctupoleWateropenHigh2014-09-26 15:09:05
366320Dean WyncottPipe lablingWateropenNormal2013-10-21 14:07:56
547138Clay White10ID-A -- Water Line RemovalWateropenNormal2014-09-17 14:36:45
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