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Ticket #RequestorSubjectHelp TopicStatusPriorityCreated
557355Zhan Zhanghelp order LN2 pump adptorCryogenicopenHigh2016-08-10 14:45:32
140950John GonczyDewar Fabrication & Component TestsCryogenicopenNormal2016-06-15 15:12:28
495283Ray ZieglerExtend LN2 blowoff lines into labsCryogenicopenNormal2016-10-21 15:23:41
116433Yuelin LiBotling a stand to the floorMechanicalopenHigh2016-10-11 10:30:11
719160Dean WyncottLayout of access holeMechanicalopenNormal2015-07-18 17:19:31
161641Ray Zieglerinstall 1/4" SS tubing in 432/E030MechanicalopenNormal2016-08-10 14:15:48
662165Clay White433 A030 Air DropMechanicalopenNormal2016-08-15 11:29:42
838924Dale FergusonPlate removal and groutingMechanicalopenNormal2016-10-21 15:07:10
770860Roger RANAYleak detector defectiveVacuumopenNormal2016-03-10 17:10:54
378471John GonczyDewar Fabrication; Mass Spec Leak Detection VacuumopenNormal2016-06-15 15:55:24
269187John KatsoudasLeak check, pump installVacuumopenNormal2016-07-15 16:50:42
180408Aditya GoelWindow conditioning VacuumopenNormal2016-07-15 16:58:46
400673Aditya GoelWindow Replacement at L6VacuumopenNormal2016-07-29 17:22:02
505756Ray ZieglerNoisy mini-turbo pumpVacuumopenNormal2016-08-15 12:29:56
901045Ray ZieglerTurbo cube not pumping down.VacuumopenNormal2016-08-17 16:04:27
416023Clay WhiteMove/extend air lines to VAT valvesVacuumopenNormal2016-09-22 14:51:51
301386richard heurichTriscroll tip seal replacementVacuumopenNormal2016-09-30 09:24:19
355806Ray ZieglerMini-Turbo not getting to full speed. VacuumopenNormal2016-10-04 11:34:17
691934Mark ErdmannVacuum test / RGAVacuumopenNormal2016-10-18 13:29:02
312552Mark ErdmannClean and leak check bellowsVacuumopenNormal2016-10-18 13:30:20
769301Mark ErdmannLeak check large deposition systemVacuumopenNormal2016-10-18 16:10:45
469105Eric RodHe leak checkVacuumopenNormal2016-10-21 15:43:56
406221charles whitefordvacuum parts to be cleanedVacuumopenNormal2016-10-24 13:32:37
340041ScottInstall presure line to temporary clean roomVacuumopenLow2016-01-29 06:40:26
909646Jeff DoolingReplace filter pressure drop gauge on PC Gun laser chillerWateropenNormal2016-08-17 15:50:05
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