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Ticket #RequestorSubjectHelp TopicStatusPriorityCreated
243086Andrew StevensReplace LNDS Module A Level and Pressure TransmittersCryogenicopenNormal2015-10-28 06:44:58
476606Denis KeaneDND Routine Cryocooler MaintenanceCryogenicopenNormal2016-03-24 17:52:28
781296Clay WhiteCryo System ShutdownCryogenicopenNormal2016-04-27 09:14:03
226181Clay WhiteRe-start 10ID Cryo-coolerCryogenicopenNormal2016-05-26 13:02:24
719160Dean WyncottLayout of access holeMechanicalopenNormal2015-07-18 17:19:31
226922Ray Zieglerinstall 1/4" SS tubingMechanicalopenNormal2016-05-11 19:24:41
340041ScottInstall presure line to temporary clean roomVacuumopenHigh2016-01-29 06:40:26
464340Fanny Rodolakis SimoesBakeoutVacuumopenHigh2016-05-24 10:06:13
568367Stanislav Stoupinvent 1-BM mono tankVacuumopenHigh2016-05-26 10:53:04
699183Stanislav Stoupinpump 1-BM mono after crystal installationVacuumopenHigh2016-05-26 11:01:14
396074Dean WaltersCryopump does not workVacuumopenNormal2016-03-07 10:18:03
770860Roger RANAYleak detector defectiveVacuumopenNormal2016-03-10 17:10:54
896966Suresh Narayananleak check a beamline slitVacuumopenNormal2016-05-17 15:27:04
853935Scott DoranUHV Cleaning for AWAVacuumopenNormal2016-05-19 12:08:43
181320Ray ZieglerInstall new ion pump and gauges in 7idc. VacuumopenNormal2016-05-23 12:12:49
175163Clay WhiteLeak Detector NeededVacuumopenNormal2016-05-25 09:32:15
984535Gian TrentoReplace the tuner attached to the 420 Test Stand Cavity.VacuumopenNormal2016-05-26 09:12:32
463588Fanny Rodolakis SimoesTurn off cooling for bakeoutWateropenHigh2016-05-24 10:07:59
194302Ali MashayekhiDI water Isolaction ValvesWateropenNormal2016-03-03 10:53:56
599955Tim RobertsInstall Water Auto Refill SystemWateropenNormal2016-03-28 08:09:56
292517Wenqian XuInstallation of water meters in 17-BM-A stationWateropenNormal2016-04-05 15:51:37
601023Ray Zieglerinstall new SS water lines in 8ID-E. WateropenNormal2016-05-11 19:31:37
909171Suresh NarayananHelp with water plumbing to detectorWateropenNormal2016-05-17 15:26:12
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