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Ticket #RequestorSubjectHelp TopicStatusPriorityCreated
945666Leonard MorrisonRF Test StandVacuumclosed22013-09-23 14:47:08
193278Naresh KujalaNeed to connect transport tube Vacuumclosed22013-09-23 15:38:03
189449Tim Roberts3ID Beamline Vacuum supportVacuumclosed22013-09-25 07:44:59
747297Dale FergusonPerform Leak Check @23IDVacuumclosed22013-10-01 11:10:29
771556Stan PaskyInstall MPC for ITSVacuumclosed32013-10-02 09:26:34
875609Clay WhiteLeak Check 9BM BeamlineVacuumclosed22013-10-07 15:02:51
512928Ahmet AlatasInvestigate Bleep faults @3ID BeamlineVacuumclosed22013-10-08 12:43:45
150135Ryan MontielProvide vacuum equipment for PC gun testingVacuumclosed22013-10-08 12:46:15
111542Stanley PaskyApply TC's to RG1 and 2 kicker dumpVacuumclosed22013-10-14 09:35:02
760746matthew wetsteinLeak check in Lab D020 LOM 432Vacuumclosed32013-10-17 13:04:42
500448Erika Bendaneed parts cleaned Vacuumclosed22013-10-18 09:01:05
131440naresh kujalaneed to break vaccumVacuumclosed32013-10-29 11:41:59
293771Mark MartensMS2 open faultVacuumclosed22013-11-05 15:16:39
826807Alex CoursRF windowsVacuumclosed22013-11-06 15:36:25
765985Mike DouellPar Cavity vacuum verificationVacuumclosed22013-11-06 15:51:06
619348Dean WyncottFault on 2ID beamline shutterVacuumclosed22013-11-26 06:26:33
521258Stan PaskySF6 refresh B&CVacuumclosed22013-12-02 15:01:21
946871Aditya GoelL6 340 windowVacuumclosed22013-12-02 15:06:59
333630Ray ZieglerVent 8idi mono to nitrogen.Vacuumclosed12013-12-03 11:51:33
652929Ray ZieglerVent White Beam Slits to nitrogen.Vacuumclosed12013-12-03 12:22:34
623031naresh kujalaNeed to connect transport tube Vacuumclosed22013-12-05 10:35:03
838046Randy AlkireLeak check small partsVacuumclosed32013-12-19 13:58:59
544970Randy AlkireTriscroll 600 pump maintenanceVacuumclosed22014-01-10 10:36:35
267324naresh kujalaNeed to break vaccum for MonoVacuumclosed32014-01-10 13:32:37
520124Tianpin Wumaintenance of Edwards scroll pumpVacuumclosed32014-01-20 12:26:40
431779naresh kujalaNeed to pump vaccum for MonoVacuumclosed32014-01-22 11:53:36
833101Tomohiro Shibatarequest of tipseal of varian scroll pumpVacuumclosed22014-01-22 13:59:00
708143Tim RobertsVacuum Leak Check Needed.Vacuumclosed32014-01-23 13:41:04
760780Clay WhiteBad ion pump and pump cartVacuumclosed32014-01-31 11:23:05
269871Richard RosenbergVac system Bake-outVacuumclosed22014-02-10 06:51:09
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