Vacuum Gage Polling Logic

  1. History
        a. Individual Ion Gage Noise Caused RF Trips
        b. Unnecessary Beam Dumps and Downtime
        c. Vacuum Interlock Required to Prevent Coupler Damage
  2. Vacuum Hardware Configuration
        a. One Ion Gage Per Cavity
        b. Large Conductance Between Cavities
  3. Vacuum Performance
        a. 1.0e-9 to 5.0e-9 Torr. Base Pressure
        b. 5.0e-9 to 1.0e-8 Torr. Operating Pressure
        c. Cavity Pressure Interlocked at 5.0e-7 Torr
  4. Modification
        a. Tie Interlock Relays in Adjacent Cavities Together
        b. Lower Cavity Pressure Interlock Level to 1.0e-7 Torr
  5. Results
        a. No Spurious Ion Gage Vacuum Trips
        b. Improved RF System Reliability
        c. No Noted Damage to Cavity Components
  6. Successfully Implemented in Booster 5-Cell Cavities With Two Gages Per Cavity.

Ion Gage noise during conditioning.  Gage polling interlock logic prevents a spurious power trip