Original Tuner Damage

  1. Operational Problems
        a. RF System Vacuum Trips
        b. Tuner Vacuum Leaks
        c. Overheated Tuner Flanges
  2. Internal Evidence
        a. Arc Track Marks on Tuner Piston
        b. Arc Track Marks on Cavity Port
       c. Damaged Tuner Piston Braze Joints
  3. Causes
        a. Poorly Aligned Tuner Piston
        b. Non-Uniform Piston-Housing Gap
  4. Solutions
        a. Mechanically Align Tuner Piston
        b. Remachine Housing/Piston Gap
        c. Ti-Coat Tuner Piston to Reduce Multipactor
  5. Modular Tuner Redesign Implementation
        a. No Welding in Final Assembly
        b. Align Tuner Piston Within Housing
        c. Continue Ti-Coating Tuner Piston
        d. Contact Fingers Under Development,
            (Presently Using Ag-Plated Be-Cu Fingers)
Original Damaged Tuner

Damaged RF Cavity Port


Damaged Ti-Coated Tuner
(Piston not centered)

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