Coupler Window Infrared Sensor

  1. Primary Coupler Diagnostic
        a. Indirect Window Temperature Measurement
        b. Two Sensors Per Window
  2. Land Infrared Micatherm3 Model
        a. All Metal Enclosure
        b. Shielded Cable
        c. Germanium Lens
  3. Output
        a. 4-20 mAmp Current
        b. Calibrated to 0-500 Degrees F
  4. Installation
        a. Waveguide Transition
        b. Extensions Tubes for 352 MHz Cut-Off
        c. Honeycomb RF Shielding
        d. .125 Inch Thick Lead Enclosure
  5. Reliable Performance
        a. Noise Resistant
        b. Radiation Resistant
  6. Operational Parameters
        a. 90-95 Degrees F Without RF
        b. 100-125 Degrees F at Approximately 80 KW Transmitted Power
        c. Alarmed at 200 Degrees F, (Not Interlocked)
        d. Most Concern for Uneven Heating Producing Thermal Stress
MicraThermal 1.jpg

Photo: SR RF Coupler Installed with Diagnostics