Cavity Vacuum Measurement

  1. Direct Measurement
    a. One Ion Gage Per Cavity
    b. Bayard-Alpert Nude Ion Gage
    c. Granville-Phillips 307 Gage Controller
    d. Tube Mount with 352 MHz Cut-Off
  2. Indirect Measurement
    a. Physical-Electronics 440 l/s Ion Pump
    b. One Pump per Cavity
    c. Mounted Between Cavities
    d. Screen Shielded Pump Port
    e. Digitel 1500/MPC Controllers
  3. Gas Analysis
    a. Spectra RGA Head
    b. One RGA per RF Section
    c. Used for Troubleshooting
  4. a. No Problems Without Beam
    b. Lower Gage and Pump Levels With Beam
    c. Honeycomb Shielding Successfully Tested on Gages
    d. Adding Honeycomb Shielding Throughout the System
pumpcross.jpg     pumpport.jpg