Cavity Coupler Window

  1. Ceramic Window
        a. Minimum 97% Pure Alumina
        b. Mo-Mn Metallized Ends for Brazing
  2. Kovar Collars
  3. Estimated 20-30 Angstroms Thick Evaporated Ti-Coated Inner Surface
        a. Reduce Potential Multipactor
        b. Limit Static Charge Build-up
  4. Failures Due to Evaporated Copper Coating
        a. Non-Uniform Coating Causes Local Heating and Thermal Stress Cracking
        b. Uniform Coating Causes Excessive Window Heating and High Reflected Power
  5. Windows Have Been Successfully Recovered by Citronox Solution Cleaning

window.jpg         crackedwindow.jpg
               New Window                            Failed Window