Storage Ring Input Coupler Brazing at S.L.A.C.

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Run #1 of the center conductor, the stainless steel collar for the vacuum joint is brazed. Notice the pieces of ceramic used as weights to make ensure the collars are seated firmly and squarely in their groove for a vacuum tight joint. (View furnace data)
Run #2 the center conductor is flipped allowing gravity to assist the brazing of the E-probe bushing and water adapter bushing.
Run #1 of the coupler body, the mounting flange, water jacket and the loop are brazed. Again gravity aids the process seating these components on their respective shoulders.

(View furnace data)

Run #2 the units are flipped. The collar and the rotatable flanges are brazed. (Note the rotatable part of the flange is suspended to prevent seizing of the flange. (View furnace data)